Aichi Children's Center 愛知県児童総合センターに行ってきました。

I was working at the Children's Center before going to US after graduating from the university. I prepared the tools, clean up after their play, explaining how to use the tool at the art class and cooking class etc. Today I brought Nanoka to the center for the first time and realized how great the place is for the kids!
陶芸用の粘土で、マスクを作る。おねえさんの説明で、積極的に作り始める。There is the corner of clay. They use clay for the ceramics. It feels good in kids hands.
真剣!陶芸用粘土は、油粘土なんかと違って、手触りもよく、気持ちいい。They are making mask today.

ぜんっぜん、顔になってなかったので、最後は、私が手伝っちゃいました。完成させる事には、まだ、あまり興味はなかったよう。This is the piece. Well, Nanoka did not finish it as a face and I finished it.
こっちは、サイエンス形。布をかぶると、映像から姿が消える。唯一、遊べたサイエンスもの。There were several science corner. Kids will disappear in the TV when they cover with blue cover.
こんなブランコとかもあって、腕の力や脚の力も使うし、There are so many fun play equipments all around in the center.
ボールプールは、なんと木!「気持ちいい〜」だそうです。癒されるのかな?Ball pool's balls are wooden!
室内でも、体を十分動かして、kids used full body even indoor
楽しめます。and had fun.
子供の健全な発達を願って、上質なアートと文化と環境を考え続けている人たちがいて、実践されている場所があり、機能しているのを見るのは、幸せな気持ちになります。公共の施設なので、利用料は子供はなし、大人が300円のみ。 公共の施設や文化の質を上げる事は、社会を平等に、そして、希望あふれたものにしてくれるように思います。It is free for kids and 300 yen for the adults. Very reasonable public space with very good quality of art and culture. I believe that the best culture and art should be public that all the kids have access. It will enrich the society and lead to keep the world equal and peace.


Water color set reviced 水彩道具 改訂版

After a first trial of her own watercolor sets, I added palette, water bin, towel, thicker paper, and easy made apron. This is her present "full water color set".
ひとそろい。これが、今の段階での、完成形。I added some materials for her watercolor set.
第1作目。3色。自由なラインと、塗りつぶしの丸。車みたい?First work. Three color. Like a car?
2作目。クレヨン2色と、水彩8色。にじみ、かすれ、しぶき、など、さまざまな表現も見える。Second one. Two crayon and 8 colors. There are several expression.


Christmas ornament クリスマスオーナメント

まんまるちゃんと星。背景を緑にして、ツリーに映えるか、試してみる。Circle and star. Green leaf shows how to be looked in the tree.
どんなツリーを用意するかは、決めていないけれど、 ツリーも買わないといけないのに、さらに、それに合わせて、中途半端なオーナメントを買うのも、気が進まず、いっそのこと、飾りの方は、1つ1つ、手作りしてみようか、と思い立ってみた。しかし、まあまあ、手がかかる。これを、何十個と作るのは、ちょっと、しんどいかなあ、、、、でも、もう少しして、ナノカと針と糸を握って、一緒に、作れる日が来たら、きっと、楽しいだろうなあ、と思う。
Nanoka recovered from high fever in two days and got enormous power to insist on herself. Very tired to take care of her for whole day. I guess it is the starting typical terrible two. I heard it would last till three. Can I go through it more 6 months to go?
Anyway Christmas will come soon. Last year she does not know it, and we went through without even present to her. But she learn something about it from somewhere and she said "Christmas!" when she saw the decoration in the town. We have to do as everybody does.
We did not have big Christmas tree or full set of ornament. We collected wooden ornament one every year, but still we have only 5. We will decorate the tree and I do not want to buy "so-so" ornament just for this year. Still we do not have much money to spend decorations. So I decided to make by myself. Actually it takes so much time and I do not know how much I can make,,,but I imagine in a few years, Nanoka will join me to make these together-this made me feel so happy!


Farming 畑仕事

おじいちゃんの畑にやって来ました。We walked to my father's small farm.
隣の畑のおばちゃまに、お花をもらいました。Another farm owner woman gave Nanoka the flower.
種まき。Planting seeds.
水やり water them
Sasebo is surrounded by great nature, but we have rare chance to touch the soil such as farming. I was raised close to nature and still feel relaxed to touch them, so I walked around, stay at the yard and help my father's farm when going home. I wish Nanoka would have same experience, so I brought her to his farm.
She looked serious to do everything-planting the seeds, watering them,,,then she got 40c when she came home. I might push her too much to experience in a short term. I felt terrible.


First Watercolor set 絵の具セット

昨日、スーパーで、さくらマット水彩を買ってやりました。いろいろ、調べたけど、幼児には、学童用の水彩絵の具が安全だとのこと。メーカーは、サクラか、ぺんてる、あたりが安定してるかな、と思っていたので、その場にあったもので即決。様子を見てると、かなりピッチが早く、すぐ、使い切っちゃいそうなので、安いものにしてよかったです。I bought watercolor for Nanoka. I looked up and found that kids watercolor is safer for kids. Sakura and Pentel are traditional products and I bought one set of tubed watercolor and brushes.
絵の具は、パレットに数色、いっぺんに出すのは、ちょっと早いかな、と思ったので、とりあえず、お皿に、一色出しては、1回ずつ、洗うようにしました。それでも、乾く前に、どんどん、色を重ねていくので、十分、色も混ざるし、あまりにカオスになってしまうと、自分の描いてる絵を楽しめないといけないので、そこは、今回は、私がお手伝いさせてもらいました。I did not prepare the palette since it will make chaos in her brain and on canvas so I just gave her one plate and use one color by one time. I cleaned every time she wanted to change the color.
2色目。だんだん、大胆に。Second color. She started to draw a little more freely.
最終的には、こんな感じになりました。紙が薄くて、塗り重ねにくかったので、今度は、もう少し、分厚い紙を調達してあげよう。Completed. Paper is too thin to paint over and over. I will provide a little bit thicker one next time.
この絵は、途中から、本人の希望で、フィンガーペイントに。This one, she started to use her finger.
点々と指で描いていると、雨で、まん丸ちゃんが濡れちゃうから、家を描いてくれ、と言われ、上部に、屋根を描きました。ちょっと、手伝い過ぎちゃいましたね。She asked me to draw the house since her circles will get wet in a rain.
フィンガーペイントをした後、はっと見ると、指が口に入っていたので、やはり、大人用の画材じゃ、危ないですね、、、それが、原因ではないと思いますが、お絵描き後、畑まで散歩させて、タネまいて、水やりして、帰ってきたら、高熱を出しました。激しく、遊ばせ過ぎました、、、反省。After using finger, I found her putting her finger into her mouth,,,I really feel that I need to care about what to use. After painting hard, we went for a walk to my father's garden to plant the seeds, water them, she got high fever. I let her play hard. I am so sorry,,,

needle work 刺繍

Staying at parent's home, but it does not mean the 100 % rest since they are old and Nanoka is following me all the time. My husband might have good rest from us.
Anyway it is different from the ordinary life. I usually could not do anything but the work relating to my job during the daytime while Nanoka goes to school. I bought a dress and thought I would do some needlework to make it special, but I never had time and just left it. I had done it yesterday during Nanoka's nap.
It was originaly MUJI's discount dress around $15. MUJI's concept is "simple is the best" and it could be stylish just to wear as it is, but for the little girl, the fashion is also "fun" and I wanted her school life a little colorful and cheerful.
5色のフェルトでアップリケ。Appliqued with 5 color felt.
ちょっと、大きいけど、似合ってます。Still big, but it is good on her.
My old friend's mother made the napkin with needlework of my blog. They are heartwarming presents.
ナノカのままごとの道具に。Nanoka will use it for her doll play.


Illustration for the English Study Novel 挿し絵のお仕事

The designer made good cover for the book with red.
裏には、主要登場猫たちが配置 all the main cats in the novel
川べりに置き去りにされるミク。the kitten was left near the river
ノラ猫生活を学ぶ She learn how to live as a stray cat
ちょっと違う猫、タカ、との出会い Very wild cat, Taka.
東京へ向かう They headed for Tokyo.
川べりでひとりぼっち She was at lost near the river
野良犬にからまれる Two dogs came across to attack the cats.
I illustrated the novel for English study. The story about a cat who was abandoned got used to the stray cat life and traveled to Tokyo to search for the Cat Palace with other cats. I had to finish right after the operation and it was a little tough but actually it helped me to go through since I could devote into the work, not think too much to became down.
It was a wild story with some adventure, departure, love and so on of cats. It includes a CD for listening study. I think it is reasonable.


Display completed ディスプレー、できあがりました

To look up from the entrance. アーケード側から、のぞき込んでも、動物たちが上がって行くのが、見える。
Birds, rabbit and mouse carries the decorations towards the second floor through the stairs.結局、後で水性ペンキで消す事を考えて、オイルバーは辞めて、アクリル絵の具で描くことに。階段に沿って、飾りをもった動物たちが
Try to make the eyes moving to top. 駆け上がっています。
on the second floor's wall, drawing of Christmas tree and bear is there. They are on the paper since it is a dangerous to draw to the higher places. そして、ツリーに。ツリーは、紙に描いて、カットして、張り付けました。作業ができない、足場だったので、やむなくでしたが、明るいので、壁にちゃんと、馴染んで、これで、正解でした。
and a tree and bear.そして、ツリーとクマ。


I will draw on the wall tomorrow 14日、お店で描きます

結局、直接、壁に描く事になったので、明日14日の10時半頃より、描いてます。もし、制作風景にご興味があったら、Correct & Connect を、のぞいてみて下さいね。
On 14th, I will draw on the wall directly with oil bar. If you are interested, please come by.

work in progress 制作中です

そろそろ、お迎えの時間。オイルバー、かなり、汚れやすい。普通の住宅には、厳しい。この状態で、ナノカが、家に帰ってきたら、大変だわ、、、出入り禁止にしないとなあ、、、Work in progress. It gets messy so easily. I am afraid of Nanoka entering this room,,,

Display お店のディスプレー

The Christmas is coming! The decoration of the town got their light and the town is colored.
I am leaving for my hometown for two weeks on Friday. The last job before that is displaying for the boutique. I got offer to draw the picture on the wall of the stairways to the shop. First we tried to draw direct on the wall (That was exciting for me) but we gave up since it is a little dangerous to draw on the higher where they do not have safe access. Instead, I will draw on the paper and paste them onto the wall.
今回は、初めて、ディスプレーのお仕事です。四ヶ町アーケード内のブティック Correct &Connectさんの お店の壁に、クリスマス用の絵を描きます。当初、直接、壁に描きましょう!という話になって、ワクワクしてたのですが、足場が危険なので、、、という事で、紙に描いて、貼る事になりました。ちょっと、残念ですが、
2階にあるブティックまでの階段に、飾りをもって走る、動物たち。踊り場の所に、ツリー。いずれも、ブラウン系のオイルバーで、素描のように仕上げる予定。色は、飾りのみ。Some animals brought the decorations towards the second floor to lead the people. There is a tree on the second floor. I will draw with brown oil bar in a color like sketch and just put color on the decorations.
動物たちは、こんな感じの予定。The drawings will be like this.
佐世保には、大きなロール紙を売っている所がなく、仕方なく、紙を四枚張り合わせました。そのスペースもギリギリのわが家。それも、畳。でも、久しぶりの大きなキャンバスは、ワクワクしますね。I could not find the rolled big paper in this small town, so I had to paste 4 papers to make bigger. I have no space bigger than this in my apt. Well, still big paper made me feel excited.
出発前のギリギリで、バタバタしていて、あと半日で仕上げなくてはいけなくなりそうですが、がんばります。I have only a half day to finish, but I will do my best.


The day before the lecture, and after,,,講演会前日/後日

日曜日、次の日に講演会を控え、私はまだ、原稿を書き上げておらず、相方にナノカを頼み、必死で仕上げる事にした。On Sunday, I needed to write the speech for Monday lecture. I asked husband to take care of Nano.
They went to the library and bought sweets. The outing was fun for Nanoka,,,,図書館に連れて行ってもらい、おまんじゅうも買ってもらい、パパとのお出かけは、楽しかったようだが、、、
but after coming back home, she brought all her toys to my room and queued on the floor. She did not say "play with me" or bother me, so I let her doing that, 帰宅すると、私の仕事部屋に、せっせとオモチャを運び入れ、並べ始めた。特に、「遊べ」とも言わず、邪魔する訳ではない。
Then she brought the music toy. She played the game song that ended making funny face.さらに、歌のなるオモチャを持って来て、「だるまさん」を歌い始めたので、
I made funny face for her. She laughed and said again to push the button. She repeated three times and tried again. I said, "Nano, please play with daddy."あっぷっぷ、でおもしろ顔をしてあげると、大わらい(ナノカは、にらめっこが弱い)。もう一回、もう一回、と続くので、3回終わった所で、「ナノ、パパとやっておいで」と言うと、、、
Her face expression get dark. She almost cried. I said, "Sorry, you tired to be patient for whole day" then she burst crying in my arms. みるみる顔が曇って、への字口に。「ごめん、一日、ガマンしてたんだね」と言うと、泣いて、しがみついて来た。
さて、ガマンして協力してもらったにもかかわらず、私は、なんと、この原稿を、当日、忘れていってしまった。 万事休すか。
I usually did not work when she was at home, but sometimes I have to work during weekend. I asked husband to watch her. She understands well about my job and tried to respect it. Well she was still around me.
Thanks to her corporation, I could write the speech, but omg, I forgot to bring the text to the lecture on Monday. I was so foolish.
Anyway, I could make the lecture OK without the text. It was the gathering of book reading groups around the area and they were all book lovers.


Book Love Kid 絵本が大好き

ナノカが生まれた時、「私にしてあげられる事は、本が好きな人生を、プレゼントしてあげられる事ぐらいかな」と思い、たくさん、絵本を読んであげる事を、心に決めました。When Nanoka was born, I thought that what I could do for her was giving her book friendly life. So I made my mind to read as many books as possible for her.
1ヶ月半のナノカに、絵本を買ってやり、その日から、読み始めた。then I bought her first book when she was 1 and a half month old and started to read for her even though she did not react at all.
 その甲斐あってか、ナノカは、ちゃんと絵本好きに育ち、というか、異常な程、絵本に執着する子供に育ちました。現在では、、、She has grown up to be a book lover.
イヤイヤ期。ハミガキしよう、と言うと、当然「イヤ」と言う。しかし、いずれはやらなくてはいけない事もわかっているので、「本を一冊読んでから」と、交渉してくる。しかたなく、読んでやる。She is now in terrible two. She always said no to my offer. "Shall we brush your teeth?" "No" but she know she end up doing that, so she added, "after reading a book" I did so.
すると、味を覚えたのか、お風呂、着替え、片づけ、準備、何を始めるにも、「1冊読んでから」と言うようになってしまった。時間がかかって仕方ない。変なクセをつけてしまった、、、After that, she always said, "after a book" every time I asked to her to take the bath, change the clothes, and clean the toys. It took much time and energy to do anything. I felt regret about this habit.
I was starting feel tired of her attitude and felt irritated to read the book. But I just remembered the first decision of mine. Yes, I wished that she became a book lover and she became as I wished. What is my complain?
今週に入って、夜、「これ、読んで」と魔女の宅急便を持ってくるようになった。分厚くて、小学生高学年が読む、ミドルグレードから、ヤングアダルトにあたる本だ。2歳児に、理解できるはずがない。「これは、絵も少ないし、長いよ」と、他の本にするように言うが、「これがいい」と泣き出す。On the other night, she brought me a middle grade thick book to read. I told her that was too long and difficult for her, but she cried for that. I started to read.
仕方なく、読んでやる。うれしそうだが、聞いてるのか、聞いてないのか、布団の上で、ゴロゴロしている。しかし、辞めようとすると、怒る。どうやら、寝つくまで、読んでいて欲しいようだ。I was not sure if she listened to it or not, but she just rolled on the sheets and looked happy. If I stopped reading, she got mad to ask me keep reading.
Nanoka wanted me to keep on eyes on her till her falling asleep. To bring a thick book is for same purpose.
To read the picture book is not only for entertainment but also for feeling mom's or Dad's love. Kids make sure their love by seeing they spend time for them, feeling their warm hands and knees, and listening their soft voices. DVD or CD can provide the knowledge or stories but they cannot represent their love.
Reading books for the kids was hard job for working busy moms sometimes, but it is actually very easy way to let kids feel parents love, so I want to keep doing until she said "No".