1 year and 6 months, chu from Nanoka ナノカ1歳6ヶ月、ちゅ

Recently Nanoka does this kissing face a lot. I am worried about her mouth got like this. 最近、この口とんがらかしポーズをよくします。とんがり口にならないか、心配。
 Nanoka got 1 and 6 months old. She became kid rather than baby after 1 year birthday. Moreover she became a girl recently. She loves talking, jewel, taking care of others, helping housework and so on. It made my days much busier by her sticking me to ask doing together. Then I decided to send her to the nursery school. It will start soon and I felt sad to be apart from her,,,
I felt like being with girl friend sometimes when we were together. She was still so small and baby, but our conversations make sense sometimes and I felt that she was another person. She had different points of view, feeling and emotion.
As I walk with her in my elgo carrier, I felt I had never been feeling "not alone" like this-her weight, her warmth and busier and less private days of mine, all make my life change into complex but fulfill one. She would leave me someday for independent but still my life was not going back to one before. I got the life with several points of views. What she would feel would be mine, too. I have more affection and love to the society and future that she would be in.
So her life at the nursery school would be the first one I had to appreciate as a new experience for both of us. Her life, her challenge, her trouble, everything there would be my second development and view.
There are few days left in 2012. Soon 2013 will start and we start the school days. We want to welcome good 2013 filled with new experiences.


Flay away the pain イタイのイタイのとんでいけ〜

Nano had been crying for pain on her knee. Husband said, "Fly away the pain-" to stop her crying, but she kept crying. It was not pain already, she was just crying. ナノが、ひざが痛いとグズグズ泣いていた。相方が「いたいのいたいの、とんでいけー」とやっていたが、全然、泣きやまない。そもそも、すでに痛くて泣いてる訳でなくなっており、キリがなさそうなので、
I knew the good way to stop kids. They need entertainment. I said, "fly away Nano's pain,,,to Papa!" and put the hands to husband's head. He put his hands to the head and shouted,"Ouch! Ouch!" Nano stopped crying and laughed at him.「ナノカのいたいのいたいの、パパにとんでけー」と、ナノカのひざから、相方の頭めがけて、投げつけた。相方は、「いたたたたた」と大げさに、頭を抑えて、倒れた。ナノカは泣きやみ、大喜び。
But it was too fun and Nano asked me and daddy to do it again,,,forever,,,we had been tossing the pain each other for 15 minutes.しかし、楽し過ぎたのか、「もう一回」が続き(指で、誰が誰に投げるか、指名してくる)、「とんでけー」「いたたたた」と、永遠に痛みを、お互いに投げ続けることに、、、
After a while, Nano suddenly became quiet staring at me,,,then she directly tossed me the pain from her hands. It was the moment when she started to attack me. And still she did.しばらくして、ようやく、ナノカが黙り込んだので、ようやく終わったと思ったら、おもむろに、私の方に、「ぱっ」と言って、「いたた」を投げつけてきた。とうとう、自分から攻撃してきた!そして、それからずっと、「いたた」を投げ続けて今に至る。やれやれ。
 There is the word "Itai no itai no tonde ike" meaning fly away the pain in Japanese. It is the traditional magic(?)word to stop the pain and all the people are still using it when the kids are crying when they fall or hit somewhere. Actually it was not taking the pain away unfortunately but just psychological effect-then it does not have effect after kids got used to it. So I arranged it to the entertainment to toss the pain to make kid laugh. It is very effective, but too effective to keep being asked to do forever...「いたいのいたいの、とんでいけー」は、昔っから使われていて、今も、こどもが転んで泣く度にみんなが使っていると思うが、実際に本当に痛みが取れる訳でもないし、気分的な問題なので(しかし、こどもは気分的な問題でほとんど泣いているので)、だれてくると、あまり効果がない。そこで、こうして「痛みをママがもらっちゃう」などして、笑いに変えてしまう、という方法にアレンジすると、なかなか効果がある。しかし、こどもはしつこいので、泣きやんだけど、永遠に相手をし続けなくてはいけない、というお返しがついてくることは、覚悟しておいた方がいいだろう。


Grandpa's habit じーじーの癖

One day, we were watching political TV program togetherある日、家族でテレビの討論番組を見ていて、ふとナノカを見ると、
and found Nanoka copying Grandpa's holding arms. It was funny that she did not know the meaning of that, but just thought cool to copy.腕組みをしていた。じいじのマネをしているのだ。
Another habit that Nano copied from Grandpa was,,,when she wears coat on, 他にも、コートを着せると、
she put her hands into front pockets of coat. It was only Grandpa who did it in my family. Then it looked really grandpa style.両手を前ポッケにつっこむようになった。これをやるのは、じいじだけなので、やってるのを見ると、「じいじっぽいなあ」と思う。
We had been at my parent's house for three weeks and Nanoka got a little "grand-pa" style. It was natural to share the days with an old man, but it was funny since kids did not know good or bad, but copied that they thought interesting. What is the point that they decided to copy? 実家に3週間いる間に、ナノカの行動が、若干、じじくさくなったと思う。もちろん、本物の「じじ」と日々を共にしたのだから、当たり前なのだが、こどもは、「いい」「わるい」の意識もなく、意味もわかってなくても、マネをするので、「よく見てたなあ」と笑ってしまう事が多い。それにしても、決して、かっこいい訳でもない事に限って、マネされちゃう気がするのだけど、彼らが「マネしよう」と思うポイントは、なんなんだろうなあ。

Grandpa's home じいちゃんの家

Grand-pa, I want to do. じじ,わたしもする、、、
What is it? I know it! I can do it! こうするのね。できる!
Seriously working on empty cups真剣に、苗のカップと格闘中
I did it! Good farming day, today!やったわ!働いた後は、気持ちがいいわね。
We came back from my parent's home right before Christmas. For Nanoka, it was great stay with my parents-usually she was surrounded by me and my husband only and she did not know "endless love" by others. There she enjoyed every daily staff-playing at the garden, helping(?) grandpa at the small farm, and different kinds of dishes my father cook(at my parents' my father cook. Isn't it rare for their generation in Japan?) Now she called my husband, "grand-pa". クリスマスを前に、実家から戻ってまいりました〜。おじいちゃんのお家を、存分に楽しんだ、ナノカ。普段、完全なる核家族で、両親以外からの「無償の愛」を知らないナノカにとって、「何?ここでは、私、お姫様?」と感じる程の、幸せな時間だった事でしょう。実家での普通の日常も、ナノカにとっては、遊びの時間。庭で実をとったり、じいちゃんの家庭菜園を手伝ったり(邪魔したり)、じいちゃんの手料理を食べたり、と楽しんできました。帰ってきてから、滞在中に呼べるようになった「じーじー」と、相方の事を呼んでいます。


Christmas chef Nanoka クリスマスシェフ・ナノカ

I cleaned up the table and set everything tight.テーブルの上を片付けて、材料をセッティング。
 Nanoka tried to cook. It was just beginning and still not good, but it was fun!今回のメニューは、作る過程をナノカにやらせてあげられる物にしようと、ピザと、パンケーキにしました。ピザをのばしている様子。
She was allergic to egg, so we were planning to make egg less pancake.卵を除去しているので、卵を抜いて、米粉のパンケーキにしました。
This is our Christmas dinner. It is Crispy Pizza, Turnips soup, grilled chiken, sermon and shrimp salad. All the menu was to share with Nanoka. クリスマスメニューは、こんな感じ。大人目線では例年より劣るかもしれないけど、ナノカが一緒に食べて楽しめるメニューで、いいクリスマスディナーでした。
She loved cake. I was happy! ケーキも、気に入ってもらえて、パクパク、食べてもらえました〜。


Boys are little lovers of moms 男の子は違うの?

When I met an editor who had 30 years old son, she said, "I have never been loved by men like he did" 以前、ナノカを連れて編集さんにごあいさつに伺った所、こどもが小さかった頃のお話しになり、「あのね、私、こんなに男の人に愛された事はなかった、ていうぐらい、彼に愛されたのよ」と今年30歳になる息子さんの話をして下さった。
Is it so different to have a boy? My girl is cute enough, too! I asked my friend A who had a boy and she answered, "I know it!" andへえ〜、男の子は違うって言うけど、そうかあ〜、と男の子を持つ友人Aにその話をした所、「わかる!」と同意して
she said that even her mom(grandmother of a boy) saying "I feel like I've god a little boyfriend"「うちの母親(おばあちゃま)も言ってたけど、「小さな恋人ができたみたい」なのよ〜」
and she explained that he was cuddling her saying, "I love you mommy, chu, chu" like a lover at the hottest time at bedtime. Bedtime with husband is now just saying, "I will sleep, ZZZZZ" and she felt nothing" but she does not care at all since a boy is sweet enough like a hottest boyfriend. I understood...「だってね、寝かしつける時だってね、「おかあさん、だいすき、すきすき」ってくっついてきて、まるでつき合いたての、ラブラブのカップルみたいなの。旦那なんて、「ほな、疲れたで、寝るワ」でグーグー大いびきな訳で、どうしても息子に気持ちが行っちゃうよねえ〜」とのこと。な〜る〜ほ〜ど〜。ナノちゃん、そういう甘ったるい感じはないわねえ。


First Noro virus? ノロ初感染?

In the middle of the night, I felt something bad about my stomach 週末に遊んだ友人のこどもが胃腸炎にかかったと聞いていたので、夜中に吐き気がした時、
I went to toilet and threw up. I noticed that I caught the virus stomach cold and asked my dad to take care of Nano not to hand the virus to her.トイレに行って、吐いたら、すぐにナノカをじじに預けて、隔離した。うつしたら、大変。
In an hour, I heard Nano's crying. I peeped the room and found Nano threw up onto my dad. OK, she already caught. Now we had to keep dad away not to catch the virus.しかし、1時間もすると、ナノカの泣き声。のぞきにいくと、じじに吐きながら、泣いていた。感染していたか、、、今度は、じじにうつすといけないので、再び、私の部屋に。
For a day, we both felt sick and Nano was quiet sitting onto my knee and grabbed my sweater. Thanks to staying at my parents' home, my dad took care of our laundry and dirty staff. 一日、ナノカは異常におとなしく、べったりくっついてた。不安なようで、かわいそう。それにしても、初発病が実家でよかった。じじが、汚れ物の洗濯や、病院に連れてってくれたので、寝込んでいられた。これ、ナノカと二人だったら、、、と思うと、こわい。
From January 10th, Nano will start the nursery school. I heard that kids would catch so much virus including Noro from school and first year is almost virus festival at home. It makes kids strong and we have to go through, but it is hard to watch the small kids suffer from the stomach ache or fever. This weekend, Nano played with my best friend's boy, Koshiro, and it was so much fun, but they both catch virus stomachache. Still I am glad they had good memories. So this is start!


election 在外投票

I finished distanced voting. It took a little energy and time, but we can do it even we stayed outside of the address. Go to vote, everybody! 金曜日、在外投票をしてきました。以前、期日前投票はした事があったけど、今回は、公示前に帰省してしまったため、どうしたらいいのかな?と思いましたが、「インターネットで、投票用紙請求書を印刷し記入、地元の選挙管理委員に郵送する」「書留で送られてきた投票用紙を持って、滞在地の役所で投票をする」「滞在地の選挙管理委員会が、地元へ郵送する」という形式になっていました。選挙開票時間までに、地元に郵送で届く必要があるので、早めの投票が必要ですが、長期出張の方や、学生さんも、これで投票できます。今回は間に合わないかもしれませんが、投票所に行ける方は、投票に行きましょう!

imaginary divorce, imaginary marriage 妄想離婚 妄想再婚

A had terrible quarrel sometimes. Now they had a boy and A had to stop it even husband's insistence was not acceptable since boy cried so hard between mom and dad.Aは、時々、激しい夫婦ゲンカをする。でも息子が、訳がわかるようになり、間で泣くようになり、歯を食いしばって、収める事もある。
A was so mad that she would think she would divorce if the boy was not born. そうは言っても、怒り心頭。もう、本当に子供いなかったら、絶対に別れてる!ていうか、別れたら、どうなんだろう?
So in imagination, she once divorced. Then she would marry to real one around her. First she think, "Yes, he would treat me better!" but soon she found,"Well, but he would not be friendly to my friends. It is impossible..."そこで、とりあえず離婚した事にして、手頃な男性と再婚した事にしてみる。「うん。Uさんにしよう。Uさんなら、あんな横暴な事はしないし、鼻毛もむしらないわ。よしよし。」しかし、現実にじゃあ、結婚生活を想像し始めると、「いやあ、でも、Uさん、結構うちにこもるタイプだからなあ。せっかくの休みに家でゲームとかしたりして。あー、ムリムリ。Uさん、ムリ」
"So you will think present husband is OK at the end. I will recommend you imaginary divorce!" In addition, she suggested that husband marry to another girl and imagine their fun life. So it will help us to feel regret being divorced before doing that" Is that true?「てな具合に、まあ今の旦那で仕方ないか、て結論にいたれるよ」と、妄想離婚、妄想再婚を勧めてくれた。「さらに高度な技としては、自分が再婚した時に、旦那も再婚してるようにすると、それで『ああ〜、あんな週末にお出かけしたりして、楽しそう。くー、もったいない事した〜」と急に惜しくなったりして、旦那を見直せるよ」とのこと。でも、ある日、惜しくなくなったら、本当に離婚になっちゃうんじゃないかなあ〜。
Most of couples must have more or less quarrels. If it was between friends or lovers, they have more chances to have distance, time break to be cooler, but couples have to face to face and keep every day life even after terrible ones. That made them hate each other and ended up,"I do not want to see his face" "I do not want to talk a word" "I hate him." My friend, A recommend me "imaginary divorce" "imaginary marriage." It was true that we could not find any proper man outside-One can be better than husband in one point, but we can find other points which are not acceptable. Without effort and patience, any marriage would not last long. To remember the first impression that we felt "this is the person!", the imaginary divorce and marriage can be useful.


her favorite gag 鉄板ネタ

When she was just around 5 months or so, we were driving and Nano was crying on the child seat. I tried to stop her crying and found promising gag-"pa pa pa pa pai-da!" immitating Nano searching for the nipples by mouth and found at the end. Nano always laughed at this.ナノが5ヶ月ぐらいの頃(まだ、言ってる事がわかってるかどうかも怪しい時期だったのに)、ナノが必ず笑うギャグ(?)があった。それは、「パ パ パ パ パイだ!」と言いながら、口をぱくぱく、顔を左右に振って、おっぱいを探す、というもので、チャイルドシートでギャン泣きしてる時でも、笑ってくれるぐらい、ナノカのお気に入りギャグで、「おっぱいネタって、鉄板なんだねえ」と、相方と感心していたものだ。
On the other day, Nano and I was in the bath tab, and she was looking at my breast and came cross. I found her trying to take the breast milk, so to avoid that, さて先日、お風呂に二人で入っている時に、ナノカがおっぱいをじっと見て、手を伸ばそうとしたので、「あ、飲もうとしているな」と思い、でも拒否すると、怒ったり、泣いたりするかな〜、と思ったので、
I covered the nipples and said, "pai pai Blocked" and Nano laughed. I added "pai pai open" and opened the nipples and she burst into laughter.手でおっぱいを隠しながら、「パイパーイ、ブロック!」とふざけて言ったら、キャハハ〜と笑ったので、さらに、「パイパーイ、オープン!」と手のひらを開けたら、大受けした。
After that, every night she played with my breast to say "pai pai a-pen" and laughed by herself. Breast gag is always Baby's best.それからというもの、毎晩、お風呂で、「パイパーイ、アプン」とおっぱいで遊んでは、大笑いするようになったナノカ。定着すると、ちょっと恥ずかしいギャグなんだけど、、、やはり、おっぱいネタは、チビの鉄板ネタなんだなあ。
In order to stop kids crying, parents do all the effort. Then they do some funny action-then it became family gag. Sometimes it is a little strange that parents do not want to show outside family. When kids start to copy that, parents are afraid that they do it outside,,,こどもが小さいと、泣きやませようとしたり、イヤがる事をなんとか促そうと、親の方も必死になる。そこで編み出される、変な「我が家ギャグ」みたいなものが、どこの家庭にもあるだろう。こどもは、おおげさなアクションや、おもしろい音が好きなので、なかには、苦し紛れにやった、少し下ネタっぽい物が、定番として定着してしまう事も多い。こどもがマネし始めたりすると、「ああ、ヤバい。外でやったらどうしよう」と思う。


Copy machine tells me,,, まねっこ鏡

Nano was wiping all the drops she made at the table when she ate. I thought that I would clean up everything after we finished and we did not have to mind during the meals, but she did it anyway. ナノは食事中、少しでもこぼすと、ガーゼでせっせと拭く。「最後に片付ければいい」という私とは違い、神経質だなあ、、と思っていたのだが
Looking at husband, he cleaned up her and table very often and I recognised she was copying him. Kids learn from looking rather than being taught, so they are miller of parents. 相方が、こまめに、水滴やら、食べこぼしを拭いてるのを見た。なるほど、このマネかあ。こどもは、見て覚えるのだ。
I am the person who count the materials to make sure saying,"well,,,this and this and this,,,"aloud,私は忘れ物が多く、出かける前に、「えっと〜、これと〜、これと〜」と、確認してるらしい。
and I noticed it my habit by discovering that Nano was lining toys saying, "well,,,this and this and this"aloud. I did it unconsciously until Nano copied me. I felt uneasy seeing Nanoka copy sometimes.オモチャを並べながら、「えっとー、これとー、これとー」と言ってるのを見て、気付いた。
I had been thinking that I had to teach her everything hands by hands like "how to wear pants" "How to wash your hands" but actually Nanoka learn most of action by herself. How? She was copying me or husband by observing. It meant that she was doing everything as we do and copied us including our own way, habit. I noticed my unconscious habit by her action.




First Snow Day 初雪

Today at my parent's town, we had first snowy day. I brought Nanoka outside to feel the snow. This is her first snow in her life. At a glance, she was excited to the beauty of white, but once she touched, she was surprised at coldness of that and she disliked it after that. Thousands of first experiences, I can observe thanks to Nanoka. 今日は愛知にも雪が降り、ナノカにも初雪を見せてあげようと、外に連れ出してみました。最初は、「わあ〜」と白い雪のきれいさに、興味を示していたけど、触ってみて冷たかったので、その後は、「いや〜」と拒否していました。初めての経験をいろいろ見せてもらって、楽しい日々です。

communication ability コミュニケーション能力

When Nano got the ability to say "Yes"with nodding a few times,"No"shaking her head, the communication between me and Nanoka became so smooth and easier. Nano discovered how great to make her will to be understood.ナノカが「うん」「いや」で、Yes/Noの意思表示をできるようになった時、彼女の意志がよくわかるようになって、なんて便利なんだろう!と思ったものだ(実際には、わかり過ぎて、いろいろめんどうになった事も多いが、、、)
Recently she made some words to expand her communication. "meme" means Megane, glasses in Japanese. "puppu" means cars which came from her favorite picture book. She did not pronounce the right word, but she repeated and we got to know what she was saying.ナノカも、それで自分の意志が伝えられる喜びを知って、急激にコミュニケーション能力があがっていった。さらには、自分の気持を伝えるために、言葉も作るようになった。「メメ」とはメガネのこと。「プップ」はどうやら車らしい。自分の思いは、なんとか通じさせたいようだ。
I was especially amazed by her usage of verb. She started to talk in sentences and knew she needed to change the tense and form.She said Nen-ne chitai-"I want to sleep"一番驚くのは、動詞の使いっぷりだ。2語つながった時は、とりあえず人のマネをしてるだけ、と思ったのだが、最近では、「ねんね ちたい(したい)」と言ったかと思えば、、、
So I asked her Nen-ne shiyokka?-"Shall we sleep together?" and she answered, Nen-ne suru-"I will sleep" She has just started to talk and already used verb correctly. Kids are amazing,,,「じゃあ、ママとナノカでねんね しよっか?」と聞くと、「ねんね する〜」と答えている。きちんと、動詞部分を活用させているのだ。これって、毎日、いろいろ聞いてるだけで、覚えてるんだよねえ。すごいなあ、こどもって。


4th nursing 託児4度目

I had mom meeting and Nano got the nursing as 4th time. We were behind the time because of rain and I was in a harry ママさん達の集まりがあり、ナノは4回目の託児に預けられる事になった。雨で遅れてたので走って託児室に向かった。初めての場所なので、まだ気付いてない。
When I ran to the nursery room, only 1 girl was there and it did not look like nursery room, but Nano found the same teacher as the last time,託児室に行くと、他にこどもは一人しかおらず、落ち着いた雰囲気で、いかにも預けられる、という雰囲気ではなかったのだが、
and burst to cry. She noticed what was going to happen,,,"mom would leave me here!" この間めんどうを見てくれた保育師さんを見て、「預けられるんだ!」と気付いて、泣き出した。走って立ち去る私、、、
One and a half hour later, I ran to see Nano learning from last time. Nano was playing happily and found me to smile to wave her hand. She was enjoying herself OK, teacher told me. Good!1時間半後、前回失敗してたので、あわてて迎えに行ったが、ケロッとした顔で遊んでいて、私を見つけると、うれしそうに手を振った。ずっと、楽しく遊べてたそうです。おお、進歩!
Nano will start the nursing school from next January. I tried to have a chance for Nanoka to get used to being apart from me before that. I made use of the temporary nursing service during some mom meetings. First Nano cried so hard that I felt so sorry and guilty, but at the 4th time, she cried only first 5 mins and played OK for rest of time. I was surprised at her development. 1月からの保育園通いを念頭に、少しずつ、私と離れる事に慣れておいた方が、ナノカ自身も楽だろう、とここ数ヶ月、積極的に託児を利用してきた。最初は、「やっぱり、ムリかな。かわいそうかな。」としか思えない程、泣かれて、私も辛かったが、4回目にして、楽しく時間を過ごす事に成功した。拍子抜けする程で、たのもしく思えた。いろんな考え方があって、乳幼児と呼ばれる小さなこどもを預ける事に関しても、賛否さまざまな説があるが、大切なのは、こども達が信頼できる人に囲まれ、心身ともに健康に育つ事。母親と一緒にいられない時間帯、母親と一緒にいたのと同じぐらい、安心して、のびのび過ごす事ができたのなら、働く母親も安心していられる。がんばれナノちゃん!


Playing House Tools リアルままごと道具

original playing house tools自家製おままごと道具 その1
please take good care of tools. They are ceramics.
I came back to my parent's home. Recently Nano got to play the house game a lot and I was thinking of having one for her, but I could not decide which one. At my parent's home, I found some small ceramics I made long time ago. Also we could get many kinds of nuts and leaves at the garden and forest nearby. Remembering my childhood, I used my mom's used real pots and kitchen tools, I played at the garden with leaves and nuts. I enjoyed finding the tools that reminded me the days. 実家に帰ってきています。ナノカは、そろそろ「おままごと」遊びを熱心にするようになったので、「おままごと道具を買ってあげるべきなのかなあ」と思いつつ、安価なものから木製の高価なものまでいろいろあって、決心がつかず。実家で、私が昔作った陶器の小さな器がいくつか出てきたので、それと木の実を組み合わせて、遊ばせてみました。小さいながら庭があるし、山も近いので、いろんな木の実が手に入ります。そういえば、私の小さな頃は、いらなくなった鍋やざる、おたま、なんかをもらって、庭で草木を使って、リアルなままごとをしてました。こうやって、道具をそろえてあげてると、私の方が楽しくなっちゃう。

toilet problem afterwords トイレ問題その後

Nano tells me "chi chi"-when her poo is coming outナノカは、うんちがでかかった所で、「ちっち」と言う。「トイレ行くの?」と聞くと、うなづく。
So I have to harry to remove her clothes and ran to toilet, あわてて、服とオムツを外して、トイレに駆け込む(なるべくなら、成功させてあげたい)
soon after we sat on the toilet together, she is bored and stretches her body to escape from me. Her poo is not completed, I know, but she has no patience to keep sitting. She got wiped her hips and say"bye bye" to her poo. このように、二人で一緒に便座に座る方法を取っているのだが、座ってすぐ、ナノカは飽きてしまって、降りたがる。まだ、うんちは出切ってないと思うのだが、忍耐力が持たないのだ。仕方なく、お尻を拭くと、そこについたうんちを見て、「ちっちバイバイ」と水に流す。彼女の中では、うんちミッションはコンプリートなのだ。
I put her new dipper, clothes and she washed her hands(every time she wanted) and then she says "chi chi" again 5 mins later,,,そして、オムツをはいて、服を着て、手を洗って、数分もすると、「ちっち」と言いだす。当然だよねえ、、、さっき、途中だったもんねえ、、、
Nano is 1 year and 5 months old and it was a little too early for toilet training, I was thinking. I did not mean to push her, but she started to mention pee and poo and I just tried her to sit on the toilet, then we eventually started toilet training. Actually, she was still small girl and had no patience to sit on the toilet until all the poo comes out, so we had to go back and forth toilet all day long. Also she only could tell me after she peed. It is OK and I can change her dippers, but she wants to go to toilet even she already did it in dipper. It is like custom. Also after toilet, she wanted to wash her hands every time. So I am always taking care of her toilet and her washing hands. I sometime feel that it is much easier if she was poo and pee in dippers at this point, but it is her will and I should respect it. I want to help her motivation to be bigger.