Early Bird 早起きナノちゃん

When I and Nano was staying at my parent's house, Nano decided to wake up very early in the morning like 3 am every night and play me in the bed. She first touched my face (especially grab my nose. Maybe it looks sting out for her in the darkness) and when I turned to avoid it, she started kicking. I wanted to sleep more, so I blocked her legs by pillow. My space became narrower and narrower, but I really needed to sleep. Then she crawled out from the bed(at that time, she could not do crawl outside bed. So I did not know how she did it) and screamed touching the staff around. I finally gave up sleeping and woke up. She gave me big smile to see that. I first drew this for my new year card and I decided to change the card to other topic. Now she was sleeping till 6 or 7 and I have a little better rest.


Half Birthday 半年経ちました〜

Today is Nano's half year birthday. I guess that she caught a cold for the first time in her life. Her nose is running.
Recently, she was just so cute. I know that it was mom's vision, but it is the cutest time of the babies in general. Her face expression is so rich and she is interested in everything and her eyes are blinking. Even I am bad mother to neglect her appeal sometimes, when I finally came to her, she gave me big smile. How nice person you are? She now played with toys (We noticed all her toys are present from friends. We did not buy anything, yet!) and also some mommy's or daddy's important staff like cellphone, camera, wallet, books, remote control and kitchen tools etc. It means that she made so much mess, but who could get angry to that? So when I was in trouble with that, for some way, I was angry to my husband in stead. Sorry for that, but I guess many mommies did same thing,,,


trouble maker Nano トラブルメーカー ナノ

Every morning, I wiped Nano with a bowl of warm water. She moved a lot now, so I was in a kind of panic to prepare. I forgot the clothing and left her for a while, 毎朝、ナノの体を、洗面器のお湯で拭く。最近はよく動くようになって、抵抗したり、邪魔をしたりするので、この時間帯はバタバタとパニックになる事が多い。着せるものを忘れたので、取りにいっていると

When I came back to Nano, I found the flood on the floor. Nano held bowl and swayed. Nano was wet, cushion was wet,,, it was a big mess. その一瞬の間に、離しておいてあった洗面器をつかんで、ゆらして、そこらじゅうを水浸しにしていた。ナノも、座布団も、床も、おむつも、全部べちゃべちゃだった。

Nano was giggling to see my face. My husband said, "Kae-chan, you are careless" and cleaned up. ナノは私の叫び声を聞いて、満足げに笑っていた。「かえちゃんは、わきが甘いんだよ」と相方に言われた。

Next day, I again forgot to put away right after wiping. Then Nano approached to the bowl and grab the towel from there. She was wet again. I might be really careless,,, 確かに、そうなんだろう。次の日、また、洗面器を片付けるのを忘れて、はっと気がつくと、ナノが手を突っ込んで、体を拭くガーゼを取り出そうとしていた。

I changed Nano's clothing, but actually in my mind, I was thinking, "This time, she was imitating what I was doing, She is progressing in only a day!" Nano made so much trouble all over, but I found it progress since she could not do that before. Moms are silly,,, ぬれてしまった服を着替えさせながら、「ダメじゃん、ナノ〜」と言ったものの、どこか、愉快な気分。たった一日で、「ただ、ゆらして水をこぼす」から「洗面器の中のガーゼで遊ぶ」に発展するなんて、すごい!という気持ちもあったりして、、、ホント、これって、やっぱり、親バカなんだろうねえ〜。


Nano's freedom 自由になったナノ

Nano first could not crawl for a while after she could make it to change her position from spine to proneness. She asked me everything she needed loudly every 5 minutes and cried if she did not get attention. ナノは早々に寝返りをおぼえて、軽々とうつぶせになるようにはなったが、しばらく、そこからの展開ができなかった。欲しいものに手が届かないので、ブーブー言って、こっちに要求してきて、最後は泣く。数分おきに、大声で要求をしてくるので、うるさく思っていた。

She could not play by herself with toys since it moved away from her. I thought it would be quieter if she could move. So I showed her how to crawl. Nano loved to watch my doing it, and always laughing at me loudly.一人で遊べないのも、自分で体が動かせないからだと思って、「こうやって、やるんだよ」と、よくハイハイをして見せた。何がツボなのかわからないが、これをやると、大受けに受けて、ナノは声を立てて笑う、鉄板ネタだった。

Then she felt (probably) motivated to do and tried. But she could not hold her own heavy body in one arm to move at that moment. She cried after trial and I had to hold her up anyway. こっちのハイハイを見て、モチベーションが上がるのか、力を入れて、何かを試みてるようなのだけど、一向に動かない。体が重過ぎて、自分の腕の力では、動かせないのだろう。最後は結局、泣くので(くやしいですっと言う感じで泣く)抱っこするはめになるのだった。

Now she got the ability to move. She got freedom! And I thought I had free time from her. It is quieter for certain, but,,,さて、とうとう、移動を覚え、自分の力で動けるようになったナノ。欲しいものに突進する事ができ、自由を得て、確かに、静かになったのだが、

In a moment while I left my eyes from her, she did what I never expected her doing. She took plug out, tear the important documents, access to the application through the cellphone, and so on. She giggled every time I screamed to look at that. Her freedom does not mean my freedom,,,一瞬、目を離した隙に、こっちが予想をしてなかった事が、次々と起こるようになった。コンセントは抜いてあるし、ブルーレイのふたを開けて、ボタンを押してるし、携帯で知らないアプリに接続してるし、、、(そして、見つけて、私が”あ!”と驚くと、わるーい顔でにやっと笑う)危な過ぎる、、、


Nano moves freely 動いてます

At the latter of my stay, my father pointed how much Nano had grown up during her stay. "Your husband must have been amazed by it so much." he said. I did not feel Nano's growing since I was always with her since her birth. 実家滞在の終わり頃、父が「ナノはこの1ヶ月で、相当成長したなあ。最初は、まだ、訳がわかってない感じだったけど」と言った。そうかなあ、最初から、結構、こんなものじゃなかったかなあ、そりゃ、ちょっと大きくなったけど?

I checked video I shot at the beginning of my stay. And I was so shocked. I shot it to send my husband to tell Nano started to play with toy car. My big voice described that Nano was so smart. It looked just accidentally Nano touched it and car moved away. She could do nothing after car's leaving. Was I amazed by this small incident a month ago? 気になったので、1ヶ月前のビデオをチェックしてみた。相方に「見てみて〜、ナノが車のオモチャで遊んだよ」と送ったものだったのだが、偶然手が届いたオモチャが動いて、つかむ事ができた、という原始的なもので、その後、車は走り去り、ナノはそれに対して、寝転んだまま、うなるだけだった。こんな事に、感動して、ビデオを送ってたんだ、、、

Nano can now move wherever she wants and get whatever she is interested in. It was Dec 5th that she found that she could do it by herself. My mother was watching it and said, "Dec. 5th. Nano gain the ability of moving." At first it was moving by rounding. 現在、ナノは、自由自在に動き回っている。得意の寝返りを利用して、移動する事に成功してから(母が発見。”ナノカ、12月5日、移動成功”と言ったので、よく覚えている)、日々、目覚ましく、移動手段を開発している。

Everyday she progress moving action. She loves better the things the adults used rather than her toys. I had to keep eyes on her,,,tough! どこでも移動できるようになって、好き放題、物を破壊している。オモチャで遊べばいいのに、新聞、財布、化粧品、手紙、携帯、コンセント、オムツケア用品、などがお好みのようだ。目が離せない、、、


Unknown house 知らないおうち

During my parent's house stay, Nano was always in the center of people's attention. If she said, "woo" grandpa came to hold her or grandma came to play with her. So I spent easy days about Nanoka. 1ヶ月を越える実家での滞在中、ナノカは構われっぱなしだった。ちょっと、ぐずれば、じじ、ばば、が抱っこしたり、遊んでくれる。私も、「あら、よかったねえ〜、ナノちゃん」とお気楽な日々を過ごしていた。

Last weekend, my husband came to pick us up to home. It was one week early than plan since he was so shocked by Nano's "I do not know this man" reaction. He drove back and forth from Yokohama to Nagoya for one day. その日々にも、終わりが来た。「知らないおじちゃん」の烙印を押された相方が、やはりショックだったようで、一日しかない休日に、名古屋ー横浜を往復する、という強攻策で迎えにきたのだ。よくわからず、車に乗るナノ。

On very next day, Nano woke up and found the place unfamiliar. She completely forgot her home during a month and got nervous. Then she did not allow me to leave her all day long. さて、大変だったのは、それからだった。まず、次の日、目が覚めたナノは、「ここ、どこ?」と、すっかり忘れてしまった自宅に神経質になり、私にへばりついて、離れなくなったのだ。

And she was so bored. I need to unpack, but she did not want to play with any toys. The house was quiet and nobody except mom talked to her, praised her, or sang for her. She was in very bad mood. また、静かな部屋で、私と二人きり、というのは相当つまらないらしく、オモチャも、歌も、全部受け付けず、少しも遊んでくれないので、荷物の片付けすら、まったくできなかった。

I even could not comb my hair but I needed to bring her walking to entertain her. Then at home everytime I went to toilet, she cried like the end of the world. Nano, grandpa's house is special place. Please get used to the life here soon! 私は拘束され、朝から、髪の毛もとかす事すらできず、それでも気を紛らわすために、ナノを散歩に連れて行く。夕方になると、さらに機嫌が悪くなり、とうとうトイレに行ってる一瞬にもこの世の終わりのように泣き叫ぶようになった。ナノちゃん、じじちゃんのおうちは、特別な場所なんだよ。早く、このおうちでの生活に慣れてね〜。


Observation paintings 絵画鑑賞

I decided to draw the picture for return to gift from my aunt. 叔母に、お祝いのお返しに、絵を描いて、額装して贈る事にした。

Nanoka was interested in my paintings. 私の絵に、興味津々のナノカ。

She observed the paintings carefully and thoughtfully,,, and brought them to her mouth at the end. 真剣に、考え深そうに、見ている!と思ったら、最後は、口が出てきて、なめようとしたので、ストップです。
This is the picture that I drew for my aunt. Nanoka is the name of this flower. これが、叔母に贈った絵です。


Dragon for New Year Card 両親へのプレゼント

2012 is dragon year. I drew dragon with Nano for my parents. They will use it for New Year Card and they will decorate for the New Year Day. 両親に、内祝いで絵をプレゼントした。辰年の辰の絵なので、年賀状に使うそうで、また、お正月に飾ってもらえれば、と思っている。へばりついてるのは、ナノです。


Unknown man's arrival 知らないおじちゃんが来た

Husband came over to see Nano by long distance bus night express. Nano hadn't seen him for four weeks, but I thought she remembered since she reacted to him on the skype. 相方が出張になり、滞在を延ばしたので、一度会いにきてもらった。深夜バスで寒い中をがんばって来てくれた。4週間ぶりだったが、スカイプで、パパに反応してたから、おぼえているものだと思ってたが、、、

However, Nano got fleeze and her mouth was bent showing nervous. Husband put his (Big) face close to Nano. We were worried. ナノは相方を見ると、口がふにゃあーとへの字口になった。固まって、我慢してる様子。それに構わず、(大きな)顔を近づける相方。

She finally cried. The reaction was saying, "this unknown man talked to me, Help〜" I felt terribly sorry to him. そしてとうとうナノは、「知らないおじちゃんがいる〜」と泣いた。かわいそうな、相方、、、

After that for a while, Nano cried every time looked up his face for a while. It took one day for her to get used to him. その後も、しばらく、顔を見上げては、泣く、というのをくり返して、1日かけて、ようやくなれた所で、バイバイになってしまいました。ごめんねえ。


Rice porridge おかゆさん

Nano was eager to eadt the real food. She could not be fooled by water any more. ナノは早くご飯が食べたくて仕方がない。数日で、白湯では、ごまかせなくなってしまった

I looked up the book and they said that rice is the least allergic food. I decided to feed Nano slowly and step by step pale rice porridge. 離乳食やアレルギーの事を調べまくり、お米なら、アレルギーも出にくそうだな、と思い、まずは「おもゆ」をひとさじずつ、ふやしていき、さらに「10倍粥」にしていく、というので様子を見ながら、始める事にした。
On first day, I gave her just one spoon of flavored water with rice, two spoons on second day and three on third. It will be pale rice porridge after that. Nano was excited to eat every time and had more, but I only gave her the amount setup. 味のついた水をもらって、喜々としてスプーンに再びつかみかかるナノ。もっと欲しがるが、規定量を守りながら、ゆっくり離乳食を進め始めた。

One morning, I was eating breakfast and found Nano holding apple happily. My mom gave her apple from her dish. Gush, my plan super careful plan was spoiled! そんなある日の朝、ふと見ると、りんごを手に握りしめて、雄叫びをあげてるナノを発見。なんと、母が勝手に、自分の皿から与えてしまったのだ。「おいしいか〜?」とか言ってるし、、、まったく、油断も隙もない。私の綿密な計画が台無しだよ。


Rota ロタワクチン

One day last week, my dad told me about the news that Rotalix was just approved by Government and available for babies from Nov 21. 先週、父が「おい、ロタっていうのの、ワクチンができたらしいな。」とニュースで見て教えてくれた。

 Rota is the virus that almost all the babies experienced and suffered. My friend's son got when he was 1 year old and he suffered for 3 days over 39℃ and all family member got sick and miserable. It was terrible stories. ロタっていえば、ほぼ全ての子供がかかる、腹痛ウィルスだ。友人の1歳の子供がかかった時は、泣き叫ぶ子供が3日も39度以上の熱が下がらず、家族もうつってゲロゲロ言いながら、その世話をする、という末期的な状態になったと聞いていた。

Rota sometimes causes serious case. If possible, I would like to avoid the pain and risk from Nano since she might go to nursery earlier. I looked up and found that it was only available for the baby under 24 weeks to finish two sessions. Nano was already 23 weeks. She only could take it once within this week and it costs 14000 yen. 脳症とかの、深刻なケースも起こりうる病気なので、できればリスクを避けてあげたいと思っていた。それも、ナノは保育所に預ける事もあるだろうから、かなりの確率で拾って来るだろう。必死で調べると、どうやら24週までに2回接種しなければならないらしい。ナノはすでに23週。今週中に接種しなければいけない。ムリか、、と思ったが、さらに調べると、1回でも効果があるらしく、とにかく、近所の病院に電話して回った。一カ所で予約が取れた。

I called up several clinic around the neighbor. One said that only this Thursday she could come. We reserved it and went to take it. Nano was scared of doctor and threw up first mouth of the vacctine. I felt " 14000 yen,,,,, Come on, Nano!" She cried and accidentaly drank the second mouth. I was relieved. ワクチンは1回14000円!病院というものにいい思い出がないナノは、緊張の面持ちで、診察されただけで、泣いた。食いしん坊で、何を口に入れても、食べるくせに、なんと14000円のワクチンは一口目を吐いた。「頼む、ナノ」と思ってると、2口目を泣いた勢いで飲み込んでしまった。よかった、14000円。いや、ワクチンを無事、接種できて。