after the quake 事故の後で、、、

When I saw the news of nuclear accident, I was so shocked. Since I was educated by my mother who was against the nuclear plants, I learned the risk of that since childhood, and I was hoping this would never happen. 福島の原発事故は、妊娠中の私には衝撃的だった。小さな頃から「原発はリスクが高い発電」という教育を受けていて、それなりに知識があったので、起きてはいけない事が起きてしまったのだと、恐怖におののいた。

I felt especially sorry for next generation including my baby. What had we done for them? Our spending the convenient lives brought the damage of the nature. Do we really need the toilet warm for 24 hours? I just switch off it, but it was too late,,, お腹に子供がいたからもあったのだろうけど、本当に「なんて事をしてしまったんだろう。贅沢や便利に慣れて、大切なものを見失って来たのでは?」と自分自身にも後悔した。何かに対して発言したり、アクションしたりする事を、徐々に忘れつつある現状も原因に感じた。何をしたらいいのかわからないから、トイレの便座をとにかくオフにしてみたぐらいだったけど、、、

I saw some news of some other countries reaction. Some made me down and sad. Much misunderstandings were just spreading over the world. It is true that Japan has area of nuclear accident now, but it was not all over Japan. Also radiation is not virus or something. As a Japanese, I felt terrible sorry to make all the world worry, but some information are not true at all. The fear made some wrong information and that brought another wrong information. 同時に、各国の反応も辛かった。外国にいた事がある身としては、空港で放射能チェックを受ける日本人や、日本製品への嫌悪感などのパニックは想像できて、悲しかった。決して、世界の中で、日本人が環境への意識が低かったり、平和への思いが弱いとも思えないのに、なぜこんな事に、、、と落ち込んだ。

I understand what could happen outside since I had similar experience when I was in NY. Japan had experienced earthquake in Nigata about 5 years ago and I got copied letter asking what damaged area needed through Internet. Since I was far away from Japan and I put the information on my social network page just thinking it would help them. But in a while, I got warning letter from the graduated student in Japan not to put any info before checking if it was from right source. He said that the wrong info would disturb the right rescue movement. I noticed that I did not check where the info came from and if it was still in need. But my page was already copied by some friends and they also put it on their pages and those info spreading. I apologized and removed info. Now even the journalists are using internet as a source and spreads so fast before checking the real life in the area. I hope that people oversea would see the right info after then. One accident happened. But the world is still going on, and I want my children and other children to live hopeful lives. The problems is not only this, but also many many things. I want to learn what we can do and what is possible, and keep thinking to choose better solution for the future. Right now, I just switch off the toilet warming system, though... 外にいる人間に間違った情報が広がりやすいのを、私は経験済みだ。新潟の中越地震が起きた時、ニューヨークにいた私は、「現地で不足しているもの」に関する「生情報」と呼ばれるものを受け取って、なんの気なしに自分のインターネット上のページに載せた。すると、しばらくして日本人の大学院生から抗議文が届き、「情報の正確さや、発生源を調べもしないで載せる事は、混乱につながり、迷惑になりますよ」と言われた。考えてみれば、確かにその情報のもとは不確かだった。すぐに謝罪して取り消したが、すでに私のページをみた人間がさらにその情報を流していて、広がっていた(それは、外国にいる日本人同士の間で特に広がってしまった)。今まことしやかに流れている情報も、確かめられる場所から離れる程、情報源自体があやしくなり、チェックもできなくなる。外国の報道がその後、正しい情報で塗り替えられていってくれれば、と願う。報道やメディアは、人間の感情や世論も簡単に動かせる、非常に危険なものである事も、9/11以降に海外にいた事で実感することは多かった。自分で判断できるよう学び、賢く情報を選び、どう動くか、は本当に大切な事だと思う。自分の子供も、どの子供も、希望のある世界で生きていって欲しいと思う。そのために、何ができるのか考えて、生きていきたい。今は、便座のスイッチを切る事しかできてないけど、、、


entrance picture 玄関の絵を変えました

the rightest is the beckoning cat I made by ceramic long time ago. 右下は、むかーし作った、陶器の招き猫です。

Two months to go for baby coming out, so I changed the picture to mother and child one. 出産まで2かげつを切ったので、玄関の絵も、母子像にしてみました。


Boys to be ambicious! たたかう男たち?

Haruto is now devoted on the battle. He is always fighting with something for the world. I, who used to be the girl, cannot understand what he is fighting for. It is so funny that the boys still need so much help to just live and cannot even go to toilet by themselves, believe that they are fighting the evil monsters for protecting the world peace. It might be against to the feminism idea, but I feel like that boys in this stage are close to wild nature compared with the later stage when they have more influence by culture. These battle play looks like studying how to hunt. Their gene bring them for passion to the battle? At the same stage, girls play dolls and cooking tools doing realistic family play. They still need to be taken care of, but still they try to take care of baby dolls. Isn't it funny? Those plays must be base of something for their life in the future. Interesting.

Haruto always play the battle and asked me "what do you think I am?" or "which is stronger, black king or red king?" things. I totally have no idea and never remember the name of heroes or monsters. ハルトは常に、たたかっていて、私の所に来ては、「ハルトは、今なにウルトラマンだと思う?」とか、「レッドキングとブラックキング、どっちの怪獣が強いか?」のような質問をしてくる。私はこの手のヒーローものにまったく疎くて、なかなか名前を覚えられない。

So what I answered irritated him a lot. "No! It is not! You do not know anything!" Oh, well, I really do not have any interest and I really cannot remember. His questions made me nervous. 間違ったことを言うと、「ちがう~!かえちゃん、なんにもわかってない」と怒られるので、びくびくしながら、いつも答えるんだけど、たいがい、とんちんかんなので、怒られてばっかりだ。

My husband said to me, "You know what. Boys are very simple and easy. Just say what you hit with confident. He would believe you." Really? 相方と話していたら、「男の子なんて、単純だから、言い切ったほうの勝ちだよ」と言われた。本当かなあ、、、

Then one night, he asked me, "I beat black king" proudly. I asked him back, "OK. But did you beat white king?" White king is not existing. If he noticed it, he would be mad,again. その晩、ハルトが「ブラックキングをやっつけたよ」と誇らしげに報告に来たので、「へえーすごいね。でも、ホワイトキングがまだじゃない?」と言ってみた。ホワイトキングなんて存在しないし、勝手に思いつきで言ってみたんだけど、

For a just moment, he was quiet to think,,,すこーし考えてたかと思うと、、、

And very excited to fight with white king and run to another room. OK. I got it! 「そうだ!ホワイトキングがまだだった!たたかわなきゃ!」と言って、ご機嫌で走り去っていった。なーるーほーど。コツをつかんだぞ。


girly dress ラブリーな赤ちゃん服

Since I got to know the baby was girl, it was so fun to just see the baby clothes. We did not buy anything, yet, and probably too pricey to buy, it is still so fun.チビチビ子が女の子と正式に判明してから、赤ちゃん服を見るのが楽しくなった。ピラピラのラブリーな服とかに目が行く。実際には、高くて1枚も買ってあげられてないんだけど、見るだけでも幸せな気分になる。

Instead, I found very cute knell cloth and bought it for making her blanket and laminated clothes for her sheet to change dippers.  Floral pattern will be everywhere and I was so happy.代わりに、布屋さんで、かわいい花柄のネル生地をと、ラミネート生地を買った。ネルはブランケットに、ラミネートはおむつかえシートにする。花柄に囲まれて、楽しいなあ

Well, some baby girls are chubby and not so feminine when they were very little. I saw so many those babies wearing frilled lovely dress. It could happen, but still cute, isn't it? でも、実際に生まれたての赤ちゃんって、結構どすこいって感じだったり、真っ赤っかだったりで、こういうピラピララブリーが似合うとは限らない。でも、まあ、そのアンバランスも「女の子ですから」で、押していこうと思う。ね、チビチビ子。


Family diet 食生活

About a year ago, when my friend A had just started their married lives, she called me. She was so mad about her husband. "Listen!"1年程前に、友人Aが怒り狂って電話をかけてきた。

She said, "We had been arguement about number of dishes recently. Today, we had so much dishes because of some leftover and mom brought some food. I told him to eat up all the dishes before having second cup of rice before eating, but he ate the second rice before eating pumpkin!" She was so serious, but for me it was just so funny and cute argument. I laughed so much and she felt better after laughing together. 夫婦喧嘩をしたらしいのだが、「もともと食事の皿数でケンカが絶えなかったんだけど、今日はどうしても貰い物や、残り物でおかずが多かったので、おかず食べ終わるまで、ご飯おかわりしないでね、て約束したのに、カボチャを食べる前におかわりしたから、注意したら、怒ってきたんだよ!」私は、あまりのくだらなさに、大笑いした。彼女も、一緒になって笑ってたら、気が紛れたようで、電話を切った。

Now silly food matter is my problem. I am a kind of picky about food. I was brought up by traditional and healthy diet family and I love cooking and eating healthy and happy. For me, it was so important to buy fresh safe food. But husband is much easy about that. 今や、このくだらない食生活のケンカは私の問題でもある。もともと、食べ物にうるさい私。実家も食事にこだわりが強くかったので、独立しても安全や健康に気を使って、きちんと料理したものを食べてきたので、「輸入野菜はイヤ」「これは添加物が入ってる」となってしまう。無頓着な相方には、理解できない所もあるようだ。

So I was so shocked when he asked how much we can save by food. For example, McDonald everyday is cheaper than making 3 meals everyday. But can we compare? It is totally different life and sense. And all my effort to make good dinner? Well, mother of friend A told her that "almost all arguments of new couple are about food. You need time to get used to each other." Oh, well, it is not funny at all when this matter happens to me. 先日は、よその「節約食生活」と比べられて、閉口した。正直、スーパーのお惣菜の半額セールには太刀打ちできなかったり、インスタント食品は安いし、節約だけを考えたら、私の食生活は突っ込みどころがあるのかもしれない。でも、比べられるものではないと思う、、、ていうか、私の手間ひまかけた料理への努力って、なんなのだろう?考えてたら、腹も立つばかりで、機嫌も悪くなったままだ。友人Aのお母さまは、「夫婦のケンカのほとんどは、食事に関するもの。最初の数年は、仕方ないのよ。慣れるまで、がんばりなさい」と言ってたらしい。うーん、当事者になってみると、食べ物のケンカなんて、ちっとも、おもしろくないんだなあ。


mother in law お義母さん

On 3/11, I did not know the detail of the earthquake in Tohoku because of black out. I got electricity back in midnight and watched TV news and found it very serious. Then I saw the area where parents in law lived was hit by tsunami. I already heard that they were fine from husband, but it could be before tsunami,,,I started to worry. I could not talk with husband since he was stuck way back home by earthquake. 震災の日、私は事態の深刻さにまったく気づかなかった。停電のせいで、情報が入って来なかったからだ。夜中に電気がついてみると、東北が被災してる事がわかり、そのうち、相方の実家の聞いた事のある地名が、まさに津波で壊滅状態地域として出ていた。夕方に一度、相方に家族の無事は確認していたものの、「もしかして、津波前だったのでは?」と不安になった。
My husband came back next day evening(stuck on the same place for one night). He said, "Well, she was very irritated to tell me how messy the house was. She said ceramics were broken." Actually we noticed that tsunami came to 1km to their house.相方も大阪からの帰宅途中、静岡で交通止めに合い、24時間かけて次の日の夕方に家に帰ってきた。「ねえねえ、お義母さん達、本当に大丈夫なの?」と聞くと、「うん。部屋がぐちゃぐちゃだって言って、イライラしてたよ。瀬戸物が壊れちゃったんだって。」と言われて、なんか気が抜けた。実際には、家から1キロの所まで、津波は押し寄せてたので、本当は危なかったみたいだけど、、、

10 days later, we saw the news that shipping service started. It would still take almost a week, but it would reach to the nearest branch and parents in law could pick up the package. Since we heard that it was so hard to get anything, we decided to send the package to them and he asked mother in law what she wanted. 10日後、ヤマト東北便再開のニュースを見て、早速荷物を送ろうと思って、「何が欲しい?」と電話すると、お義母さんはしばらく考えて言ったのが、、、

We expected to hear, "bread"  "caned food" and so on, but what she answered first after thinking was, "hair dye" and she made sure her favorite bland and color. She was happy strong person who did not feel too serious. I was so relieved. And we were lucky because we do not have to worry about them too much. 「毛染め」だった。ブローネのヘアマニキュアのブラウンをご指定。きっと、いろいろ物資がないのでは、と心配してたんだけど、気が抜けた。元気でホッとした。このおかげで、心配し過ぎないで済むのかなあ、と思うので、お義母さんの元気な性格に感謝。


"I love you" every day あいしてるって言うこと

Most of Japanese men, especially older generations, are shy to say "I love you" daily. We do not have custom saying that and unfamiliar even between long relationship couples. Since I was in overseas for a while, I thought that it was very good custom and I wanted to hear everyday. Now my husband got used to saying that and I am very happy.日本では、「あいしてる」という単語は、日常的に使われていない。この言葉自体がなじみ深くないし、それを日々言い合う習慣もない。外国で、 友達同士とですらそれを日々使ってみて、「なんていい習慣だろう」と思ってきた私は、ものたりなく感じる事もある。言葉にする事で、確認し合える気持ちと 言うのが、やっぱりあるのだ。

When we were in beginning of relationship, one day, he said some romantic words to me. I was very happy to hear. 付き合って間もない頃、相方がいろいろロマンチックな事を言っていたので、ふんふんと気分よく聞いていたら、
Then at the end, he said, "well, it might mean I could say "I love you"" It was very unsure words and I almost got angry.最後に、「これは、あいしてる、と言ってもいいのかもしれない」と長たらしく、婉曲的に、訳のわからない事を言った。

Soon he apologised that he did not get used to saying those words. I understood what he really wanted to say, so I just accepted. But I wondered how Japanese men can tell how much they love the partners.私がムッとすると、「ちがうちがう、言い慣れてないんだってば」と言われた。真意はわかったものの、「うーむ、普通の日本のおっさんである相方は、このまま「あいしてる」を言ってくれないのかなあ」とも不安になった。

One night, he came home very drunk. I was upset, so I made use of the situation. I asked him, "can you promise to say "I love you" every day from today?" and he was so happy to say "yes, I promise!" He even did not remember at all next day, but I told him to keep the promise and he tried.ある日、酔っぱらって大トラで帰宅した相方に、「ねえねえ、明日から、毎日、「あいしてる」て言うって約束する?」て聞いたら、「うんうん、するする」と上機嫌で約束してくれた。もちろん、次の日には忘れてたけど、約束は約束だと、守ってもらう事にした。

At the beginning, he forgot sometimes, but I reminded him by coughing. Then gradually it became his custom to say that every night. Now he says like good night. Sometimes it seems that there is no meaning of this.ということで、うちの相方は、毎晩「あいしてるよ」と言う。最初は忘れがちだったが、咳払いをして、必ず思い出させるようにしてたら、ちゃんと言ってくれるようになった。ほぼ、おやすみなさい、と変わりのない、淡々としたものだけど、、、

But sometimes it is very meaningful. Especially after the argument, when we have some trouble, when I am sad, or just ordinary day, too.毎日言ってても、その日、その日で、少しずつニュアンスが違う。ケンカした後なんかは、とても意味があるように感じたり、不安な時はとてもうれしく感じたり。なんていい習慣なんだろう、と思う。


bottle size baby ペットボトルベイビー

I am a kind of easy going pregnant woman and usually do not think much about the moment of birth. Well, of course, I heard so much painful stories from experienced moms, but I do not want to worry until very moment. 
One night, my husband asked me how big the baby was now. I answered "about 1500g"先日の晩、突然、「チビチビ子って、大きさ、今、どれぐらい?」と相方が聞いてきたので、「1500gぐらいだよ」と答えると、

He was staring at table and said, "so it means the baby is now size of this bottle." and pointed 2L water bottle which was filled 3 quarters.しばらくテーブルの上をじーっと見てたかと思うと、「じゃあ、これぐらいだね」と言って、4分の3ぐらい入った2リットルボトルを指差した。

I saw the bottle and suddenly realize how big she was now. I cannot deliver such a big thing! Still she is growing and will be twice big! "Impossible! I cannot do it" I was nervous. Husband said, "It should be fine. You can do it. It will be very smooth!" It was so easy to just say it! そのペットボトルを見て、にわかに現実問題として実感した私は、「ムリ!こんなの産めない!」と騒ぎだした。さらに、産む時はこの2倍になってるのだ。本当に、あり得ない事だ。「大丈夫だよ〜、かえちゃんなら、にゅるんと産めるよ〜」と気楽そうに励ます相方。言うのは簡単だよねえ。ホント、もう、男の人はいいよなあ。


Pride, Haruto Diary  ハルト日記 プライド

Recently Haruto has super-high pride. He does not say, "I want to do this with〜" but "I do not care if I do with〜 or not". He wants to take bath with grand-pa, but he said, "I do not care either taking bath with grand-pa, or not." But if grand-pa did not offer him to do, he would get very angry.ハルトは最近、非常に複雑な物言いをするようになった。「じいじとお風呂に入っても、入らなくても、どっちでもいい」と、じいじと一緒にお風呂に入りたい時に言うのだ。ここで、「じゃあ、入らないよ」となれば、怒りだす事間違いない。「じゃあ、じいじと入ろう」と言ってもらえる事を期待しての、発言なのだ。

In other time, he asked people, "who wants to play with me most?" He wants to be poplar, so we have to say "me!" He is asking all day long and kind of tiring. But it is a part of growing and now he has more complicated emotion and characters rather than just being happy boy.同じように、「一番ハルトと遊びたい人と、遊ぶ」と言って、手を挙げさせたりする。手を誰も上げないと、もちろん機嫌が悪くなる。非常に面倒くさい。なんとも、素直じゃないなあ、とプライドの高さに閉口するが、これも成長の過程で、複雑な感情がいろいろ発生してきたからなんだろうなあ、と思う。子供って、いろんな成長を通過するんだなあ。

I believe that it does not last forever. Maybe next year, he became shy to say such a thing, or he will learn what other people will think about it. In this way, kids will learn so many emotion and communications. Well,,,some grownup men are saying similar things, in fact. "I do not care to be in a relationship if she eager to wish." Don't you think they forgot to learn how to tell honest emotion because of too much pride?こんなのが、ずっと続くとも思わないので、来年には、今度はそんな事恥ずかしくて言えなかったり、他の人の気持ちがわかるようになったりして、また違ってるんだろうな、と思う。そういう「何考えてるか」まで見えてしまうから、子供っておもしろい。ああ、でもこのまま成長しちゃったような成人男性で、「いやあ、どうしてもって言われたら、別につきあってもいいんだけど、、、」とか「彼女とつきあっても、つきあわなくても、どっちでもいい」みたいな発言してる人、いるなあ。素直に伝える方法を忘れたか、プライドだけ高いのか、どっちにしても、面倒くさいよねえ、やっぱり。


Listening in the belly 胎教

Now the baby is moving a lot. Books said that they are reacting outside well now. Then many books recommended "Babies love Mozart." I only love Mozart's requiem and magic flute. But if she likes it, I should listen.最近は、暴力的なまでに動くようになったチビチビ子。こう動くと、意識せずにはいられない。本によると、かなり外界の出来事にも興味がある時期らしく、話しかけたり、いろいろしてあげるべきらしい。いろいろな本に「赤ちゃんはモーツアルトが好き」と書いてある。私は、魔笛とレクイエム以外は、あんまり好きじゃないんだけど、チビチビ子が好きなら、と聴く事にした。

I borrowed "Eine Kneine Nachatmusik" and tried to listen, but I found I did not listen and it was over. Well, was baby listening to it even mom did not listen at all? アイネクライネナハトムジークをかけたんだけど、はっと気づいたら、終わっていた。全然、聴いてなかった。果たして、親がこんなに無関心なのに、やっぱりお腹の子供は聴いてるんだろうか?

In other book, I found, "it is good for baby to listen mom's singing. It gives them "sound" and "movement." Husband said, "Don't do that. Baby will get bad sense of music. You are bad singer. Especially your original easy going songs!" How rude! Well I usually sing very unsure songs all the time,,,他の本を読んでると、「お母さんは、赤ちゃんに歌を歌ってあげましょう。音だけでなく、触感にも刺激があり、赤ちゃんの発達によいです」と書いてあった。そう相方に告げると、「辞めなよ。チビチビ子が音感が悪くなるよ。かえちゃんの歌、適当で、ヘタクソなんだから」とはっきり反対された。なんて、失礼な。まあ、確かに、私は想像で、オリジナルで適当に歌ってて、音程もイマイチなんだけど、、、

I handed song book to him and asked him to sing. Then we sing kids songs for a while. We were such a typical silly couple but the baby must be enjoying. 「じゃあ、歌ってよ」、と童謡の本を渡したら、「えー」と言いながら、「げんこつやまのタヌキさん」とか「どんぐりころころ」とかを歌ってくれた。そのうち、二人でしばらく歌っていた。「典型的なバカップルだなあ」と思ったけど、「でも、チビチビ子はきっと喜んでるなあ」と思った。


Lunch Box 愛妻弁当

When my husband started to work in the office, I suggested bringing lunch box. I thought that he could save money and it was healthier. He said, "Well, colleagues don't bring. I have to eat with them outside." Sounds like he felt shy about that.相方の横浜勤務が始まった時、「お弁当持ってく?」と聞いたら、「みんな外で食べてるし、つき合いもあるから、いい」と言われた。お金もセーブできるし、健康的だと思ったんだけど、、、

One day, he said, "tomorrow we will go conference and each eat lunch. It is usually expensive at the Convention center." So I made lunch box for him.でも、ある日、「明日は展示会で、各自ランチを取るから、お弁当もアリだな」と言われた。なにしろ、そういう展示会場は割高な事も多いのだそうだ。

But his boss tried to buy lunch for everybody and he showed my lunch box. As he thought, people said, "Love lunch box from your wife" and he felt uneasy.しかし、実際にお弁当を持って行くと、見つかったらしく、「おお、愛妻弁当ですか」と言われたらしい。それなりに、はずかしかったようだ。

But after then, he started to bring lunch box. I do not understand man's idea about this staff, but anyway, he washed the box after eating. Good husband he is.いまいち男性心理はよくわからないのだが、その後は、お弁当を持って行くようになった。ちゃんと、お弁当箱を洗ってきてくれるので、よくできた旦那だなあ、と思う。


who is acting? 誰のせいか

Several years ago, I did "Peace Show" with my friends in NY. It was very good experience for me including difficulty and hardship of funding. From that experience, I had one conclusion. Acting is very important and no meaning to just criticise even those people are smart.
I knew that our action was very small and had so many problems, but we had will to do something for world peace. It could be "silly childish idea" for sophisticated business people, but as artists, it was really important to have voice and move. So we did even it was small start. However, some of my friends in Japan just criticise or ignore. If they know better solution, please let me know. If they can help us, please let do something. I know my friends were all smart and nice business people, so they might know better, but they did nothing. If they thought we were wrong, I wanted to hear directly, but they joked it behind me. They paid nothing. It was very bitter experience for me.
I am not talking badly about them. I just understood it as Japanese tendency about matters. They are nice people and nice business people, but very bad about acting for society by own idea.
Now when I was watching TV, they are just criticising the Government. But who is really acting for this disaster? Journalists are just criticising that the Government delay informing the new service for people in shelter. Well, can be so, but you also have ability and responsibility for informing the latest information to people. Why don't you acting at the same time to criticise.? Same thing to politicians in other parties. They are just criticising and waiting for the present Government would decline after a while. But the Government asked them to join to act for this disaster and they refused the offer. This is Japanese biggest disaster and so severe that it is time that everybody should do what they can do if they have ability. And politician should act. Why they refused to corporate with the present Government and just kept quiet? And why citizen still believe that those "no action" politicians can do better than who is doing the best at this point? Acting is always having lacking and mistaking rather than doing nothing, but somebody have to do something for operating the society. Also it was not right to think that this change is somebody's responsibility. We got the tragedy and we have to face on. Even we did not hope, we cannot go back the time before 3/11.


Belly button vanished へその消滅

The belly was getting big day by day. I felt it got twice big everyday.腹は日に日に大きくなる。毎日、2倍になってるような気すらする。

One day, I found it flat! I had cute belly button and now my body became just funny and humorous,,, ある日、とうとう、へそが真っ平らになって、消滅してるのに気づいた。妊婦の体って、「おもしろい」一方だ。

I showed Haruto belly. He was wondering why it vanished. "Did thunder take it?" (In Japan, Thunder likes to eat the belly button) ハルトに見せたら、「なんで?」と聞かれた。なんでって言われても、チビチビが押してるんだけなんだけど、「雷に取られたの?」としばらく、怯えていた。おもしろいような、こわいような、、、て感じかな?


Baby upside down 逆子ちゃん

On the last exam, Dr. said "the baby is in foot presentation." He suggested
acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. 前回の検診で、先生に「逆子ちゃんですね」と言われた。「今の時期なら、簡単に治りますので、鍼灸を受けてみてください」と言われた。

Acupuncture clinic,,,how does it work for baby? I will get it on my belly? Is it going to make her feel hot and turn around? It meant I will feel much much hot! I am so scared.お灸で治るって?何をするの?お腹にお灸をするのかな?それで、「いやーん、熱いよう」てなったチビチビがひっくり返るってこと?それだったら、相当私は熱い思いをするってことだよね?こわいよう。

On that day, I mainly got the therapy on my toes and legs. It was not hurt at all. I wondered if this worked for baby position. Therapist told me, "Baby became in wrong position to tell mom signal. Don't be too tired. Think about me. So talk to her more often." 実際に鍼灸を受けてみると、それは、足の指と足首のツボを中心にしたお灸でした。逆子ちゃんの原因は、冷え。このツボは子宮の血の流れを良くして、胎動を促して、くるりと回りやすくするそうです。鍼灸師さんに、「逆子ちゃんは、赤ちゃんの信号ですよ。長距離の移動や、ストレスなんかでひっくり返っちゃうんです。あと、かまって〜っていうこともあります。話しかけてあげて下さいね」

In addition to acupuncture, I suddenly talk to baby so often feeling sorry for her. 言われてみれば、思い当たる節が。にわか「話しかけ」ママになる私。

And I checked baby today, and she was in a normal position. Wow! How mysterious acupuncture is!そして、2日後にチェックしてみると、ちゃんと逆子は治ってました。おそるべし、鍼灸の神秘。なににせよ、ほっとしました。ただでさえ、高年出産だもんね。