Learning the words ことばのおべんきょう

よくしゃべる、ナノカ。Nanoka asked me "what's this?" so often and she speaks like adults.
The age 2 is the time to expand the language. They gain the ability to use the words. Nanoka is very good speaker, too good and I happen to say, "be quiet"-that is not good. As she speaks, I think she got older-actually it is not ture.
いろいろな身近なものが、たくさん描かれていて、単語が覚えられるようになっている。ナノカに名前を聞いてみると、水道を、「水がジャーって出るヤツ」というように、「オノマトペ+説明」なヤツという表現で片付ける事、多数。わりと単語が適当なことがわかった。She can make conversation very well. But when we read the words book,  I found that she has less vocabulary than I thought. She explained the water tab "what water comes out from" instead of the name.
迷路ができないことも、わかった。めちゃくちゃしゃべるので、なんとなく、なんでも、やれるように思ってた。She cannot do maze. She jumped one road to another. I just expected her doing well since she spoke like elder kids.
いい間違いも多い。松ぼっくりをブロッコリー、うずまきをエリマキだ(ある意味、この関係性の薄い、2つを間違えられるって、子供って、すごいなあ、、、)直すと、気分によっては、へそを曲げる。なかなか、手強い。She mistook the words a lot. too. She dislikes to be fixed. It is getting difficult to deal with.
ナノカも、とにかく、しゃべるしゃべる。あまりにしゃべるので、たまらず、「うるさい」と言ってしまう事も、しばしば(これは、いけないです、、、)保育園であった事も、なんでも報告してくれるし、意思疎通もスムーズなので、同等に 会話してるうちに、「大きくなった」錯覚に陥って、あれも、これも、一緒にできそうな気がしてくる。
The age 2 is the year of language development. Starting with few words vocabulary, they get to speak 2 words sentence, then suddenly explode the language.
Nanoka speak so well, actually too much and I end up saying, be quiet-I felt terrible about this. She made me understand everything what she wants to tell by words. So I am getting to think that she became elder girl.
Actually she was still 2 and half. She cannot do what she had never done. Puzzle, counting, origami, using scissors,,,step by step, she has to learn. Only the words, she learn from hearing without being taught.
Probably it is the time to eager to "know". She prefers the books that teach her something. It might be boring just hearing every day things from me. I am happy to read the science kinds of books. It is still difficult for her, but she likes some of them. It is natural desire "to know the world and grow." I do not think she would remember what she learn now, but it is more about romanticism.
In a small town, we are spending every day between home and school, but through the books, she will get to know the world, even the outer space or wonder of the life. For me, the adults, it is just knowledge, but for the kids, everyday is the discovery of the truth and filled with endless possibilities. I am just happy to observe her inner movement besides her.

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