Kindness やさしさ

 やさしい子になって欲しい。親は、みな、願うと思う。でも、「やさしくなりなさい」と教え込めばいい、てものでもない。未熟な故の、意地悪な図を見れば、心を痛めて、大丈夫かな、と悩む。All the parents wish their kids to be a kind person. But how? Can we teach them, "Be kind!"? Actually we have no clue and worried to watch their immature evil attitude.
遠足準備。ナノカご希望のサンドイッチなどを準備している傍らで、ナノカは、自分で見つくろった、小さなボール2個と、ヒモ、ミニタオルを5枚程、をカバンに押し込んでいた。In the morning of the school hiking, Nanoka put her two small balls, rope and several small towels. I did not know what she wanted to do with.
食事が終わると、ボールを持ち出した。Aちゃんが「ボールをちょうだい」と言うと、「一緒に遊ぼう」と渡した。すると、様子を見ていたワイルドなKちゃんが現れ、まずはナノカを、そして、Aちゃんを襲った。After the lunch, she pulled balls and gave one to the friend. A wild girl, K came to attack Nanoka first, then her friend to steel the ball. They started to cry.
大騒ぎになったので、「ゴメン、ボール、2個しかなかったからね。みんなで電車ごっこはどうかな?」とヒモを出した。Kちゃんはボールを手に入れ、立ち去り、残った子は、電車ごっこし始めた。I let them to stop fighting for two balls and play train with a rope together since there were only two balls.
すると、ナノカが「ああ、家にもう一個、あおのボールがあったのに。ナノカ、持って来れば、よかったのにねえ」と言った。「乱暴なKちゃんが悪い!」と責めるのではなく、ナノカなりの結論。K left with a ball and other girls started to play the train. Nanoka said, "I should have brought another green ball..." She did not blame K.
Mちゃんと動物園。早く歩けないMちゃんのスピードに合わせて、手を引く。At the zoo with friend on Sunday. Nanoka took her hand and walked in friend's speed.
教えた訳でもないのに、決して、自分の思う方向や、スピードで引っ張ったりしない。She never pulled to her direction or speed.
Nanoka is still 2 years old. She is fundamentally still immature, but she showed her kindness to other friends. I am sometimes afraid that she might care what others think too much, but it might be her character. I respect her.
How kids learn the kindness? I did not teach her how. Also I am not kind calm mom. I am just wondering the kids ability by nature.


Second School Hiking 2度目の遠足

去年は、よくわからず、連れて行かれたら、保育園のみんながいて、ビックリ!て感じだった。お弁当も、用意された物をただ食べてた。This is the photo of the last year school picnic.
「もう1年?この間行ったばっかり、て思ったけど、去年の写真見返したら、かなりチビだった。She was small and she did not know why she was there.
今年は、お友達とバスに乗っていく。前もって、「ナノカのお弁当は、サンドイッチにする」と希望を言われる。These are this year's. We took the reserved bus to the park. She ordered the lunch-sandwiches.
晴れたので、外遊びが気持ちいい。今回は、相思相愛で、ずーっと、同じ男の子と、コロコロ遊んでました。She played with boyfriend.
子供が一緒に遊んでる姿って、意味なく、涙そそるなあ。There are no reasons for kids to have fun with friends.
It was tiring day but so great to see the kids playing together. I felt free from all the stress to see that. They played 100% from the bottom. And it is already in a shape of the society. They are always sincere, so not that bad about communications. Some of the adults must be worse at social ability than them.


Oh, you love me?え、好きなの?

昨日、ナノカが「今日ねー、Iぶきちゃん(クラスメートの男の子)が、『ナノカちゃんが、好き!』て言ったよ」と報告してきたので、「へー。ナノカは、なんて言ったの?」と聞くと、、、On way home Nanoka told me that "Today Ibuki, the boy, said to me, 'I love you'" then I asked her what she answered,,,
「『え、好きなの?』て言った!」と、驚いた表情を作りながら、実践してくれた。「ナノカも好きだよ」じゃないんだ。なんか、ずるいな。She said, "I said, 'oh, you do?'" making surprise face. Wasn't it "I love you, too"? Already girl's technique?
Nanoka loved many boys. First she liked Neo, but soon gave up him since he was cool to her, then she told me different name every day-kind Ibuki, Wild Taisei, and young cute Kouta. I did not care much thinking that it meant just good friend of the time, but I saw her a bit bitchy way and felt a little worried. 
Teacher called her, actress, since she cried dramatically when she found somebody she can rely on. Is it just girl's cute behavior  or should I worry her future a little bit?


Toilet training 音姫さま

自信が出たのか、移動中もパンツを履きたがる。しかし、安全性100%ではないので、She wanted to wear underwear rather than dipper on way home. It is not 100 % sure to succeed, so
帰宅途中のデパート等で、トイレに行く必要がある。I need to bring her to the toilet on way home at department store, or shops.
ある日、トイレの「音姫」が、センサー反応で勝手に作動した。「ジャー」という出元のわからない音に、臆病なナノカは大パニック。In one toilet, there was Japanese stupid equipment which made sound of water to vanish the pee noise. It started to work automatically by motion sensor. Nanoka got panic by unknown sound.

しばらく、いくら促しても、公共のトイレに行ってくれなかった。ホント、日本のおせっかい機能、ありがた迷惑だわ。After that for a while, she never went to any public toilet scaring the water sound machine. Japanese service is not proper...
Nanoka's toilet training is almost completed. She spend almost whole day in cotton underwear. We started it at her 1 and 10 months. For 1 year, she kept failing and I cleaned and cleaned. About poo, she did not know she had to do in at the toilet, so I brought magazine for her and kept reading in vain for a long time. Actually I heard many of kids who started around 3 finished only for 2 weeks, or some kids finished for 3 days. Then I wonder if our challenge was in vain.
Well, it is up to what to believe. I heard that feeling wet underwear when failing is good incentive to the brain, and anyway I felt that she was too "grown" to keep peeing and pooping in the dippers. We save money of buying dippers and also I did not have to feel guilty about seeing mountain of waste of dippers. I just feel we had done it!
Actually wearing underwear cause another problems-we always care their toilet. They give us toilet call whenever and whatever and it is always short time notice. In a harry we need to find the toilet outside. It is more inconvenient compared with dippers. But still underwear is perfectly beautiful. I am so satisfied to let her wear same underwear after succeeding toilet.
Still it is not perfect. She failed when she was devoted to play. But I am feeling this package is going to be the last one.


About English education 英語について

ナノカが生まれた時、「英語、どうする?」と話し合った。私の友人と会った時に、抵抗なく、会話ぐらいできたらいいなあ、との思いもあり、迷いがあった。When Nanoka was born, we were not sure if we should teach Nanoka English or not.
そうしているうちに、時が過ぎ、ナノカに日本語が、すっかり定着した。今後、どんな言語を聞いても、基本的な日本語が確立してるので、大丈夫だろうと、英語の中古ビデオを買ってみた。The time had passed, and she gained quite good Japanese speaking ability. Then I decided to buy the English DVD thinking it won't has any bad influence for her language.
結果、英語のビデオを、日本語でナノカが説明してくれる、という状態に。ナノカの頭の中は、もう、日本語でできあがってるので、英語は、「音」でしかない。It might be too late for bilingual education. She explained all video in Japanese. English is now only the sound to her.
なぜ今まで教えなかったかと言うと、私が、脳学者の「基礎言語はひとつがいい。脳が混乱する」という説を、信じたからだ。バイリンガルになる環境が整っている訳でもないし、日本語で、考察する能力をサポートする方が、いいかなあ、と。Why didn't I teach her? I believed that scientist's theory that brain is confused if they got bilingual education unnatural way in early stage of the life.
英語を言葉としては、全く認識できてないが、歌はそのままコピーして、歌っている。英語教育的には、「若干、手遅れ」なのかもしれないが、「これぐらいが、ちょうどいい」かなあ、とも。She cannot understand English as language, but she copied the song as she hears. Maybe this is enough right now.
Nowadays Many Japanese parents think that they should give kids English lessons as early as possible. It is based on the idea that the ears are completed before 3, and kids should gain English before 3. On the other side,  scientist said that the brain is made up to learn one language in early stage of the life and unnatural bilingual education is bad for their development.  We were not sure if which theory is the right, but we decided to take scientist one, and gave up English education until her Japanese became in a shape.
I still do not know which is right. Parents need to chose by themselves from huge amount of information coming to them. Anyway, we are happy about her good Japanese ability and a little bit cute English songs.

2 year old and 10 months 2歳10ヶ月

クリスマスに、「ボタン集め」している事が、知れ渡ったナノカ。知り合いの方に、瓶詰めのボタンをもらいました。そのボタンを並べて、「汽車」、重ねて「サンドイッチ」、と夢中で遊んでました。On the last Christmas, Nanoka became famous for her collection of the buttons. A person gave her binned buttons and she played with them making train, sandwitches. Amazed how much kids can play with one things.

一方で、 とにかく、言葉だけは発達しているので、いい訳が理屈っぽかったり、こちらの言い分に少しでも、矛盾があると、追求してきたりする。「ママは、前に、こう言ってたのに、おかしいよ」とか。発言に、気をつけないと、面倒な事になる。私とナノカのやり取りを見て、「なんだか、面倒くさそうだなあ」と、相方が言うが、仕方ないのだ。真剣に向き合わないと、女子同士は、いろいろ、もめるのだから。
Nanoka became 2 years and 10 months old. She is very dependent to me and teachers-asking for help saying she cannot do it even she can do everything.
At the same time, she talks a lot. She is very sensitive about what I said. I have to be careful about my words since she would notice any paradox. To see our conversation, husband said, "It is too complicated" but it is important for us. Otherwise, she would be very upset.
It is more complicated and difficult compared with simple relationship between mom and baby. Now she is very "right" to everything, but she cannot accept the reality of the world. She is hurt to see all the trash on the road. She keeps hurt by friends attitude to next week. The world must be stressful for her. I should follow her emotion, but some cases I did not understand what she felt.
Still it is just beautiful to see this pure spirit of the human being. It is still growing and probably she will develop by her own nature energy.
2 more months to go til 3 year old. She is very looking forward the day. Probably we will plan the day together this year. I am so pleased to have this honor to spend the time.


3 years old and up did the kit 3歳以上もやってみた

宇宙みたい!It is like cosmo!
こちらの女の子は、ラインを効果的に入れていく。Girl use crayon very lively.
動きがあって、リズミカルな作品。Rhythmical piece.
Some kids around 3-4 year old did the kit. They had more patience and they could use hands more proper way, then they made more complex works. Great pieces!


2 year old challenge the card kit 2さいが実際に作ってみた

こどもは、シールを手にすると、とにかく、貼っちゃう習性があるようです。Kids has tendency to put on paper when they see the stickers.
保育園から帰ってきたナノカに、キットを渡した所、早速スタート。シールなので、特に説明なくても、せっせと貼っていき、私が、ご飯を作る間、とても静か。夕食後、今度は私も並んで一緒に作ったが、大人でも、結構はまる。一緒に作ると、お互いに刺激を請け合って、結構、楽しいと思う。I gave her the kit right after coming home after the school. Usually she was very noisy to ask for the dinner, but quietly concentrated on making the card.
ナノカの作品 Her works
裏も使って、どんどん、制作。Another one
小さな子の、貼っただけの作品には、お母さんが、線を足してあげたり、メッセージを入れてあげて、作品にしてあげてもいいですね。Mothers can put lines to help making images for very little kids who just put the stickers.
私も隣で、制作。フクロウ(ナノカはオバケと言っていた)I did, too. Owl. Nanoka said it Monster.
重ねたり、見立てたりすると、こういう表現も。You can make the birthday card, too.


Card Making for 2 year old 2さいから つくれる カードキット 

カードキットI made the kit for card making for very young kids
作品例 It is clean and easy.
オリジナルシール original stickers
In the kids place, there are Mother's handmade market. I would join and sell my books and postcards, but I was planning to make something new for this event. Then I made "card kit for 2 year old"
I let Nanoka do cut the paper with scissors and paste them on the card. It is messy and I know most of mommies hesitated to let kids do. But 2 years old can do many things. I want them to experience the art.
Then I thought about the stickers. Kids love stickers and enjoyed to put on everywhere. Actually most of them are character's or images and far from art works. So mommies let them to put on some waste paper or their own notebook etc.
If we use the abstract colorful seal, kids can make more creative work. And it does not need so we can make anywhere.
I also make some original stickers of my illustration.



 今度は、5月17日(土)14:00〜15:30 五島市保育士会での、講演会が決まりました。福江まで、行って参ります。

Public transportation 公共交通機関

Nanoka talks and sing loud in the bus on way home. Passengers are patiently and kindly looking at us in Sasebo.
私は、ナノカのお迎えに、市営バスを利用している。ナノカは、1、よくしゃべる 2、声が大きい 3、歌う という事で、まあまあ、うるさい。そもそも、子供の声は、人の注意を引くために、トーンが高く、耳につきやすくできていて、それが、耳障りになる。しかし、おしゃべり、歌、笑い声、は、機嫌良く、楽しく、バスに乗っているだけなのだ。奇声や泣き叫ぶ声なら、いざ知らず、楽しく、歌を披露してる2歳児を叱りつける訳にもいかず、止めるのは、難しい、、、ありがたい事に、同乗の方々は「上手かね」「かわいかね、いくつ?」「ともだち、いっぱい、おらす?」と声をかけくれる。1時間に1本しかないバスのため、乗客の顔ぶれがいつも同じで、顔見知りなのも大きいのかもしれない。眠くて、ぐずって泣いてしまう事もあったが、1時間に1本しかないバスを降りろ、と思う人もいるはずもなく、許してもらっている。恵まれた環境だ。
Nanoka is 2 years old. We took the public transportation every day to home. She 1 talk a lot, 2 her voice is loud, 3 sing the songs suddenly and it is noisy. First of all, kids voices are high tone to get other's attention by nature, so they bother people mind. But it is hard to stop 2 year old to talk and sing happily. In bus here, passengers know each other since it is only bus per hour and they are kindly allowing Nanoka to do so.
Sometimes I remembered the train in Tokyo. We only lived until Nanoka's 10 months and rarely traveled to the center with a tiny baby, but before moving, I had to do some business meeting and I went to visit business area with Nanoka. I tried to avoid the rush hour, but it started at 5pm and I got on some rush hour train. It was nightmare. When opening door, a business man clack his tongue seeing us and in the crowded train, Nanoka started to cry and somebody signed. I knew any kids and babies are not welcome but I need to take the train anyway.
I imagine that present Nanoka would bother passengers in Tokyo. It is such a big difference between the atmosphere here and there. I do not think the people are so different. I think that uncomfortable long travel makes people sick. It was not the kid but the transportation system that these kinds of troubles in the train. Or do you think it is only parent's idea and I gave Nanoka bad education?

Water Color in April 4月の水彩画

水彩は、まだ、抽象のようです。Still abstract when she does watercolor.
保育園では、暑くなると、水浴びが始まる。しかし、水いぼは、直接肌に触れると感染するので、このままでは、ナノカは参加できない。始まるまでに、治しておかないといけないが、 忙しさにかまけて、受診が遅れたため、結構、広範囲に広がってしまっている。週1ペースで、通院して、夏本番までに、めどをつけてやりたい。
保育園を休んで、午前中から皮膚科へ、と思っていたが、私が描いた絵を見て、「ナノカも、描きたい」と言い出す。まあ、ちょこっとお絵描きぐらい、いいか、と思って、「いいよ」と言うと、クレヨンではなく、水彩セットを出してくる。う、、、、 とは思ったが、本人が選んだ道具なので、仕方がない。
子供が絵を描く時、 私は、極力、手を出さないようにしているが、水彩は放ったらかし、という訳にいかないので、横についていて、水分量や、筆の洗い方を、少し、調節してやる。もちろん、全く自由にやらせて出来上がる、混ぜ合わせのドロドロでも、子供らしい、いい作品だとは思うが、ナノカ自体が混沌を嫌い、きれいに描きたい気持ちが強い方なので、正しい道具の使い方を知っていた方が、気持ちよく、描けるかな、と思う。その上で、今回、意図的に線を重ねて、混色していた。ちょうど「あおくんと、きいろちゃん」を読んだ所だったので、「色が混じって、別の色になる」のに、興味が出てきたのかもしれない。
その後、時間が押して、バタバタの出発になった。 朝イチの、水彩、困ったものだと言えば、そうだけど、気分が乗った時に、描いた絵は、活き活きしていて、いいものだ。
I had been working on some illustration jobs till last week, and finally after handing out them, I have free week,,,but in fact there are so many family matters and small business that I had to manage. This time, I had to bring Nanoka to skin clinic to care her water warts. I let her absent from the school and when I prepared for the clinic, she said that she wanted to draw. I let her do it, and she brought her water color. Water color before the clinic,,,but I respected what she chose to do.
I tried not to touch her art as much as possible but just teach how to use the tools, the way to clean brushes, and amount of the paints etc. She enjoyed the mixing this time. Probably she tried because we read "Blue and Yellow"
We ended up very busy departure after all. Water color before going out is the worst things to do, but the work looks lively and gorgeous.


Kids societyこどものしゃかい

友達に、「バカ」と言われたと言う。Nanoka said, "Miria said "Stupid" to me"
「バカ、て言っちゃダメだよね。先生が、言わないでください、て言ってたよ。」と言うので、「そうだね、ナノカも、『イヤだから言わないで』て言っていいんだよ」と言うと、「ナノカは『キライ』て言った」と教えてくれた。随分、はげしいやり取りしてるなあ、、、She continued, "Stupid is not good word, isn't it? Teacher said, Don't say stupid." I asked her, "So did you ask her not to say that?" and she said, "I said back to her, I hate you."
Nanoka has been going to the nursery school since she was 1 and 6 months old. At that time, I saw her just waiting for the swing at the wrong place shouting "Please let me ride on" forever. She was too small and older kids ignored her. It was the school attempt for teachers not to interrupt the kids society so often based on Montessori methods. I felt shocked to see that and I felt it was too early for her to start the school.
More than a year passed. She got older and her and her classmates' language ability developed. They played in a group more and communicated more. Then more arguments and trouble occurred. She never said "I hate you" to me, but she used it to the friend who use very bad word to her. She learned some slang at the school mainly from boys, but they are usually toilet kinds of words, and she does not use insulting words-in her mind, they are too much. In the argument, still she chooses the words, gets hurt, imagine other's emotion, and learn the society.
The kids arguments look very rough but they were plain society without cover. There are so many grown-ups who has lack of communication abilities, so I want her to learn much of society through play and trouble at this point. I admire their strength of trying to tackle again and again.


Clay Monsters おばけ粘土

再び、粘土。しばらく、ただ、こねてたが、最後に「おばけ、つくる」と言い出してから、集中。Clay play again. She tried to make monster.
目玉は、私が作った、既存の目玉を利用して、完成。At the end, she made one using ready made eyes made by me.
すばらしい!偶然かもしれないけど、すごい完成度。It was master piece.
雨の日の日曜日。パパも初参戦。On rainy Sunday, Dad joined for the first time.
さかな Fish by Nanoka
三つ目、三つ角のオニ Ogre by Nanoka
そして、ご本人も満足の出来の、、、and this was her favorite piece
作品群。右3つは、相方作。ダイナミックさでは、子供には勝てないなあ、と一言。These are all her works. Right three are made by husband. He said, "kids works are dynamics and mine look boring."


Playground around 公園ラリー

「たんぽこ」のわたげ。PM2,5対策でマスクをしていたが、ここら辺りで、外してしまい、She played with dandelion seeds
階段道下の公民館の、さびっさびの遊具で、遊び played at the rusted old play equipment at the community center
飲み屋さん街にある遊具も、もちろん、網羅 played at the slides in the middle of bar area
市民体育館前公園では、皮膚科の待ち時間と、終わった後、2回も遊んでました。and at the big playground, she played twice before and after clinic.
Husband was out for the business trip. I had due of some illustration jobs so I worked between bringing Nanoka to the school in the morning and picking up her at the evening.
On Thursday morning, Nanoka said she would not go to the school. Probably 2km walking every day must be tiring for her. I decided to have one day off. I was planning of bringing her to the skin clinic and then going to the amusement park by train.
She stopped every time she found the play equipments. Usually I told her "Harry up" "It is time to go" "No, we have to go" but I allowed her to play as she feels. Then it took forever. Finally we reached the clinic, we found her rush were water warts and we need to go back to take them away in the afternoon. We ate lunch at the playground and played there then after clinic she wanted to go back the same playground. We finally finished the day just playing at the playgrounds all over the town rather than going to the big amusement park.
Actually there were no big difference between fancy amusement park and small town playground for the kids. Important thing for her is to gratify all her desire and ended up great day for her.